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Mold And Structural Issues At Valley Head School To Be Treated This Summer

VALLEY HEAD, Ala. (WHNT) — DeKalb County school officials say they plan to completely address the mold and structural issues at Valley Head School in the summer.

DeKalb County Superintendent Hugh Taylor says he became aware of mold issues at Valley Head School in November.

Since then school officials say they’ve been working to treat it.

Assistant Superintendent Brian Thomas says initially the plan was to treat the mold during spring break. “After discussing with our maintenence supervisor and other state organizations we decided the best idea at this point was to put off all the mold remediation and all the structural updates that we would like to do for summer,” Thomas says.

Thomas says they’ll have more time to completely address all of the issues and fully remedy them during that time. There are also plans to update the school over that time frame as well.

Until then though, students are out of the main building and are doubled up in rooms that are mold-free. “So we’re going to bring in portable classrooms so the students have a place to have class, and there’s not going to be crowding issues,” Thomas says.

School officials are working to decide whether they want to buy or rent those portables and they say both options have their benefits.

The mold was found to be not harmful and officials say it isn’t airborne. The school was recently tested for asbestos and those results came back negative.

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