Hammers Drop Season Opener

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Huntsville, Ala. - (WHNT) On a night where the Alabama Hammers celebrated their 2013 PIFL Championship, Nashville crashed the party. The Venom offense was nearly unstoppable in a 56-40 win at the Von Braun Center. Click the video player to see some of the brighter spots for Alabama.

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  • Jim Johnson

    The McSwane “dance” mimicking someone defecating is a bit much for local TV, don’t you think? What an assinine (no pun intended ) thing to show on Sunday morning TV. I thought your station was better than this. I am ashamed of you and the Hammers!
    The Hammer management needs to help him develop a new “dance” in my opinion. This was a silly display of ignorance, especially considering children were present at that game. He was setting an extremely poor example for them. The Hammers won’t last long if this keeps up; I guarantee you that.
    His conduct, regardless of the forum was unacceptable.

    Jim Johnson Priceville Alabama

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