Madison County, Huntsville Utilities Close In On Water-Sharing Deal

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-As more people move in there’s less water to go around, and officials in Madison County say time is not on their side.

The shrinking supply of H2O is now at the center of a major water-sharing agreement between county leaders and Huntsville Utilities. Madison County Commissioner Phil Riddick said the deal could be finalized by both parties as soon as next month.

“We can’t get ourselves in a situation where we don’t have enough water,” said Riddick. “We need to have another source for water long-term.”

The growing strain on supply affects roughly 80,000 customers in unincorporated parts of the county, a service area that relies entirely on ground water sources due to the lack of access to the Tennessee River. Riddick said the water woes are especially troublesome in the peak use summer months, when the Madison County Water Department sometimes must borrow up to 500,000 gallons per day at costly emergency rates. But he believes a permanent water-sharing agreement would ease the burden.

“It [agreement] gives us basically a virtual inexhaustible source of water in the future…We thought we could live with it. Each commissioner has had some input on it, and we sent it back over to Huntsville Utilities and basically told them if it wasn’t changed substantially then it was a contract we could live with.”

Riddick said the water-sharing deal with Huntsville Utilities is not expected to impact customer rates. Commissioners are expected to vote on the agreement once Huntsville Utilities finishes making changes to the draft version.


  • Nuclear Mike

    CH19 needs to be on top of the chemical threat to our water from the WWII chemical warheads dumped on the Arsenal…for those of us who know what this threat represents to the health & safety of all of us who live in the area we require transparency from our government officials to ensure our water tables are not polluted by these dangerous components!!!
    Cancer and death follow such pollution to the water table we all drink from!!!

  • Skillpot

    May I point out some facts about the water?

    1) The ’40-days-and 40-nights’ of Noah provided enough water for the future of mankind,
    2) There has been no NEW water, since that time, it just gets recirculated,
    3) There is plenty of water, just be that it is not right under our noses,
    4) Sharing is important, so let’s get on with it,
    5) Georgia, Alabama, and Florida have been fighting over water, for many moons, just that politicians keep getting in the way, and,
    6) There is not such thing as ‘wasted’ water, but,
    7) That which we have must be properly handled!

    Now, that brings me back to my plan to ‘redistribute’ flood waters, to drought areas (California), deserts, etc., like under the Eisenhower Interstate Highway Plan….

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