Leaders of Huntsville & Madison Discuss Goals for Both Cities

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – The leaders of Huntsville and Madison started their Thursday getting to know each other better.

Most of the members of the Huntsville City Council and the Madison City Council met at the Hogan YMCA in Madison for a joint breakfast meeting.

Madison City Council President Tommy Overcash hosted the meeting and invited each person to stand up and talk about concerns in their districts.

“Thank you for the partnership. It’s been a good one, ” Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said.

Most of the attendees agreed that citizens of the two cities don’t necessarily care about which city various amenities are located, as long as all residents have access to them.

Overcash commended the cooperation between the two cities for the library services.

Madison pays Huntsville to run its library.

“I think Huntsville and Madison are the beneficiaries when we come together,” Huntsville City Councilman Richard Showers said.

Overcash recapped all the road projects underway in the two cities which are mutual projects aimed at making things much more convenient for thousands of people.

He says city leaders have to be careful about how the projects are carried out with regard to traffic.

Overcash quoted Madison Mayor Troy Trulock saying, “The good news is we’ve got all these road projects going on, but the bad news is we’ve got all these road projects going on.”


    • Michelle

      I would appreciate any comment you have on updating Miller Plaza on Old Madison Pike. It is not a good representation of the city of Madison.

  • Jim

    I have always thought that Madison should merge with Huntsville and the city council should expand to 3 or more members based on population to represent the new districts. It would make sense since Huntsville already surrounds Madison. You could merge all the depts, Police, fire, etc.. I dont see that ever happening but it would be more efficient and benefit the city of Madisons residents…

  • j

    Huntsville surrounded Madison over the years in response to Madison turning down annexation into Huntsville years ago.

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