Huntsville City Councilman Vows To Stop ‘Calling Out’ Superintendent, School Board

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - “Never, in my 50 plus years of professional and community service, have I seen such a display of arrogance, deception and deceit,” said Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison during a recent County Commissioner’s meeting.

Commissioner Harrison has used strong words against the leaders for Huntsville City School. One of his supporters is now using three words: let's move on.

Huntsville City Councilman Richard Showers is ready to drop his public fight against the Huntsville City School Board and its Superintendent.

Whatever you call it, bickering, grandstanding or advocacy, started earlier this month. Most black elected officials in Madison County were upset Huntsville school leaders were leaving out their voice on big decisions. Councilman Showers is now taking a step back.

Commissioner Harrison came out swinging. Councilman Showers was his back up.

"The other day, I made some statements that said I would consider holding funding for the school unless the school board and superintendent showed a more favorable opportunity with the public,” said Councilman Showers.

Showers wanted more communication between leaders at Huntsville City Schools and black elected officials.

"We don`t need dictatorship in Huntsville. It's just not indicative of Huntsvillians to have an attitude or personality of dictatorship,” added Councilman Showers.

Showers vowed not to call out the superintendent or any school board member going forward. He says he's now happy to give the money to the schools

"I am not going to deal with that anymore,” added Councilman Shower. WHNT News 19 asked, “But why say it?” Councilman Showers replied, “I said it because I wanted to get the attention."

What did those words do?

"Before then, the superintendent would not meet with us. After that, I got a call and email asking, will you meet,” added Councilman Showers.

Councilman Showers and the other black elected officials in Madison County plan to meet soon with Superintendent Casey Wardynski.

Councilman Showers is Huntsville's longest-serving city council member.
Council President Mark Russell told WHNT News 19 the city council supports Huntsville City Schools.

President Russell also says he's happy to hear the black elected officials are moving forward with a plan to meet with the schools superintendent.

"It's best if everybody gets in a room, talks and get to know each other and make sure we walk in each others' shoes to understand the situation from everybody's point of view,” said Council President Mark Russell.

Superintendent Wardynski has asked for an April 1st meeting with the county's black elected officials. Councilman Showers gets it.

“Together, we will benefit much more with a unified front,” added Councilman Showers.

He and other black elected officials in Madison County expect to meet with Superintendent Wardynski.

“I think the purpose is to resolve any perceived indifference that may exist and to get an opportunity to be on the same sheet of music,” added Councilman Showers.

Councilman Showers told WHNT News 19 he was no longer calling out the superintendent or board members.

WHNT News 19 asked Councilman Showers if he is going in a different direction than his friends.

"I am a part of the pack. We have, the black elected officials, been basically unified. We have been basically staying together on all the issues,” added Councilman Showers.

The councilman admits he won't be as vocal in public, but wants the public to know…

“I don`t think they are going to hear I am not in their corner. I support Johnson high school,” added Councilman Showers.

Councilman Showers told WHNT News 19 that April 1st date does not work for everyone, so all are now working on an alternate date.


  • Neal Haralson

    So threatening to hold up funding for schools is acceptable behavior? Sounds an awful lot like holding the school board hostage by Showers and Harrison. Counter-productive ineffective individuals who are deeply in need of removal it seems.

  • Walt D.

    Bob Harrison is a criminal! I personally seen him respond to a traffic stop where his adult son ran from the Police, injuried an HPD Officer, was in possession of cocaine and Mr. Harrison got him out of it! Yup, came to the Scene Phone to his ear with the Police Chief Mark Hudson and they let that Criminal leave with his Corrupt Daddy… Bob Harrison will always be part of a problem, he needs be in Prison…

  • Nuclear Mike

    All this “babble” indicates yet another different deal has been struck among the good’ol’boys of Huntsville!!!

    • Jim M

      Superintendent Wardynski is not a “good’ol’boy” like you try to portray him. He is an honest hardworking civil servant who has made things happen in Huntsville that have not happened before. He pulled this school system from bankrupsy within 2 yrs of being elected. Refused an increase in pay. These kinds of results comes from extensive planning and hard work. He knows how the systems work and should work and has implemented things to get things done. People might not like Dr Wardynski because he is different, and yes, he is, he gets the job done. He wants the HSV city school system to be one of the best in the country and his accomplishments so far are making that possible. He has secured funding for new schools, has contruction already moving forward on many schools that were really old and needed replacement. He ushered Huntsville City Schools into the digitial age with a 1 yr transition at a scale that has never been done in the country with a system this large. Sure there are bumps along the way, people dont like change but when your cheese is moved you must go out and find it not starve waiting for something to happen. Our superintendent is a mover and a shaker and I am proud that he is our superintendent. The entire city of Huntsville is benefitting with all these new schools and teacher assigment policies and and all the 9th grade academies etc. Its looking up Huntsville, lets not have sour grapes about school names and etc, its about our children receiving the best education that they can receive in the best facilities that our city can provide. We are on the road to achieving that. I look forward to the opening of all the new schools and seeing our children attending those new schools…
      Keep up the great job Dr Wardynski. We appreciate all that you do. Its a hard job, and you cant please everyone all the time, just do your best and thats all we ask..

      • Nuclear Mike

        Just because the deals are not so apparent on the surface does not mean that all this “babble” is not cloaking the ‘deals’…they are all good’ol’boys…

  • Paul32

    Why does Mr. SHowers feel a need to “work with the black officials” and not all officials. By making a point to say he is working with the black officials he is proving himself to be racist and bigoted.

  • Sam Spade

    He’s been a thorn is the side of the city forever…………….doen’t anyone see the irony in the setting up a meeting with him on April Fools Day

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