Girl Banned from School for Act of Solidarity Encourages Friend During Treatment

DENVER, (KDVR) –  The school that banned a 9-year-old Kamryn Renfro from class Monday because of her support for a friend who is fighting cancer has changed it’s tune, but Kamryn hasn’t been back to class yet.

Instead, Kamryn has been with her friend, Delaney Clements, at Children’s Hospital in Aurora. 11-year-old Delany started chemotherapy for her fourth relapse of stage-four neoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.

“They just wanted to be together and hang out,” said Kamryn’s mom, Jamie Renfro.

“These kids taught adults a lesson–that caring and compassion is far greater than what the hair on your head is doing,” said Campbell.

Read more about the story from our sister station KDVR and find out what the girls have planned next by clicking here.

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  • Sue

    She has a very mature way of thinking for her age. Sounds more like an adult with her dedication and sincerity because kids in school want to always fit in with everyone. Very nice of her but obviously the school did not think the same. I wish the best for her and that her friend will be cured! No action should be taken against her. The school. should just tell her it is against the rules. Do not punish someone who is trying to support a friend doing no harm to anyone!

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