Former War Vet Turned Mail Carrier Claims Post Office Corruption After Firing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn.(WHNT)-An Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who was awarded two Purple Hearts and once appeared on the cover of Time Magazine is now at the center of controversy in Lincoln County, Tennessee after she was fired from her job at the Fayetteville Post Office last week.

Karah Adams told WHNT News 19 that her three-month postal career came to a sudden end after being accused of lying to her boss on her job application. But Adams said the claim by her supervisor was false, and was used as a cover to get rid of her after she wouldn't go along with post office corruption she called "blatant."

"A lot of stuff that goes on in the Fayetteville Post Office, it is intimidation and harassment at its best," said Adams. "I did my job and I did it well."

Adams said her background check turned up a non-criminal offense stemming from an incident at a U.S. Army base in 2005, shortly before she deployed for her first tour of duty in Iraq. She told us a fellow soldier stashed unpaid merchandise in her shopping cart after she had already paid for her own groceries, an account the army later verified when it decided not to punish her under the uniform code.

Adams claims the real reason for her firing is due to the fact that her boss turned on her after she refused to identify a co-worker who told her about another mail route opening. Adams said Postmaster Debbie McGee was controlling, and was threatened by the fact that Adams was aware of alleged illegal activity happening inside.

"She was working people off the clock, which is illegal, and she has done that numerous times," said Adams. "There was one employee, who at the time she was still working there, the postmaster was having her come to her home and clean her home for her, which is ethically not right in any way, shape or form."

Fayetteville Postmaster Debbie McGee declined to comment on Adams' firing, and referred us to regional U.S. Post Office officials in Kentucky and Tennessee. USPS spokesman David Walton issued a brief statement to WHNT News 19 Friday morning.

"The Postal Service is proud of its record of hiring veterans," Walton said. "We are looking into this matter, including Ms. Adams' claims. It is not our policy to discuss individual employment actions, but we can confirm that she is no longer an employee."

Other former Fayetteville Post Office employees we talked to confirmed Adams' account of a hostile work environment, but declined to talk on camera.

Adams once appeared on a Time Magazine cover featuring profiles in courage, and was awarded two Purple Hearts during three separate tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. She said she just wants justice and a fair shake.

"I don't feel like the world owes me anything for what I did [overseas], I did that by choice," said Adams. "But I feel like it is extremely unjust and unfair that I was treated like this."


  • Diann

    Do you have proof of the corruption or are you reporting “hear say”? As a person in the media, you have the great responsibility of reporting the truth. You also have to be aware of consequences. By naming the person in your article without proof, you are damaging her reputation. You, Nick Banaszak have now caused harm to someone else with your words and your blatant disregard for the truth. Also, I am wondering if the fact of being a war veteran makes a lie anymore true?

    • Roger

      Hey Diann
      I can assure you Mr. Banaszak has not degraded anyone’s good name I have personally worked at that USPS facility. I will make one promise my story will be told. I’m thankful this employee has exposed the harassment.
      It’s funny you defend the postmaster and your name is Diann. Just another employee that has experienced unprofessional postmaster.

    • Jason Saint

      This piece is news. it just states facts. The woman is postmaster so that is not a lie. It is clear the the reporter is just stating what he was told. Not once did he say her statements were fact. He said her claims are being investigated. That is what news is. You need to reread the piece before you make false accusations against the reporter.

    • Mike Regish

      What about the damage the USPS did to HER reputation? I’ve been recently fired, and I can assure you, it was based on lies and deceit.I don’t, for one second doubt this person’s allegations. I have experienced them myself. 29 years I spent working for a**holes. And all I got was a hearty F you. I’ve suffered injuries to virtually every joint, muscle and tendon in my body over those years, and I worked through it all. I’ve been going to the gym 5 to 7 days a week for the last 8 years just so I could have a better chance of getting out in one piece. Management in the USPS is going to be held accountable some day. They’ve been getting away with murder for far too long.

    • Brian S.

      You must be related to the offender. The hostile work environment has been established and corroborated. The Postmaster has begun an internal investigation. If the claims were false he would have come out strongly denying the claims. No princess, it is you and your ilk that view things through the “Just World” hypothesis and refuse to admit or see the criminal activities in your communities.

    • Doc Piper

      Because you are a media person does not make you a legal authority either. Libel, is only actionable if there is a financial loss. Thus, she can say without penalty whatever she feels until that point.. That being said, I am a 31 year Postal Veteran, 4 year Army veteran, former State Police Officer, former City Police Officer, Deputy US Marshall. , and Degreed Paralegal. I have witnessed constant corruption. I have been asked to take money to harm people from Postal Supervisors (Reported), witnessed numerous assaults by supervisors against craft employees, I have consulted Dept. of labor in many instances, and their reply is; WE could put a office in every branch of the Postal service, and their would be a line out the door”. They said that the Postal Inspection Service is the largest civils Rights violators in the US Government. I have assisted numerous employees in finding a CERTIFIED Lawyer to handle Government lawsuits . (As no one can hire any lawyer. (In Kansas his name is Carlton Johanson,FYI). My personal ambition is to testify before Congress against the abuses I have witnessed. However , people like you, blind to reality, have no clue what damage and abuse can come from a unchecked Governmental organization like The USPS>

    • Joseph A. Della Ferra

      Dear Diann, I was wrongfully fired from the U.S. Postal Service after working diligently as a letter carrier for 22 years in Belleville, NJ. I reported my manager, Kenneth J. Benaquista, of Continental Avenue in Belleville, NJ, for extorting cash from my co-worker, William Tinger, and for stealing money from our employer. My job and my pension were stolen from me for being honest. There are many more details to my story. My name is Joseph A. Della Ferra

    • Pamela

      OH YES ! Diann, these charges are true !!!!!!!! My husband has worked personally with Debbie McGee. In another Post Office, and she has done all this and more to her employees. It is way past time for her karma to bite her in the a$$.

  • mamac

    They are more employes than just Adams and the postmaster.So, if the statement is true ALL the employes should stand up and put a stop to this. My husband has had people work under him and he always treats them how he wants to be treated.So, the truth will come out..

    • Debbie Motes

      Many of the employees are fearful of losing their jobs if they speak out. This postmaster IS a tyrant and she does treat the people who work there unfairly. I know people who work there who have been complaining for a long time. This young lady is brave and should be lauded for speaking out. The USPS should investigate and clean up the dirty situation.

      • shelly

        I worked for this Postmaster for over 2 yrs and transfered out. She is an evil vindictive person. What is being reported is all true.

    • Letter Carrier

      I am a 14 year employee of the USPS and can tell you most stories you will hear about abuse and corruption are true. Our union is overwhelmed with grievances and our contract is broken every day by management.

    • Joseph A. Della Ferra

      Mamac, unfortunately, all of the employees are afraid of being harassed and being targets of retaliation. I was wrongfully fired after working diligently as a letter carrier for 22 years. I reported my manager in Belleville, NJ, for extorting cash from a co-worker and for stealing money from the USPS. I lost my job and my pension. The criminal has been collecting $3,400 a month in pension benefits since January 2001. The Office of the Inspector General took a year to respond to my allegations. Special Agent Eric Lawson and his colleague investigated me, not my concerns. I am Joseph A. Della Ferra

    • Ashlyn

      Sadly, odds are the truth will not come out. If the postal workers stand up against the postmaster, they will be fired or harassed. That’s the way corruption works. Sometimes people lack empathy and they hurt others because they can. It’s awful but it’s true. Occasionally a brave soul defeats corruption. I’m pulling for the underdog on this one!

  • Karen

    Doesn’t the Post Office fall under both the Inspection Service and the OIG? Are these 2 entities investigating?
    How are the post master and post office supposed to respond to these allegations? Wouldn’t giving their side be a breech of employee confidentiality?
    What is the proof of blatant post office corruption and illegal activity inside?
    Why is WHNT is taking the word of someone that admits she has a theft offense on her background check?

    • Tanya

      It says Adams has a NON-CRIMINAL offence on her record. NO WHERE does it say she has a THEFT OFFENCE. People like you are how the stories get messed up.

      • Karen

        Sorry. I didn’t mean to mislead. What I meant was an offense from unpaid merchandise (which I would consider theft). You are correct, the article did not use the word theft.
        My question should have read…Why is WHNT taking the word of someone who admits to having an offense for unpaid merchandise on her background check.

    • Tim

      This person was found not guilty of her alleged crime and Time Magazine and the Army saw fit to put her on the cover of Time Magazines 9’11 Ten Year Anniversary Edition. I assume if her word was not creditable then that would have never happened

    • Jason Saint

      Did you even read the article? She was not the one that stole she was set up. Also not once did WHNT say they believed her they just reported the facts as they are.

    • Joseph A. Della Ferra

      Karen, you would like to think that the postal inspectors and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigate these matters; however, neither entity did its job when I reported my manager for his criminal activities. It took a year for the OIG to respond to me. Special Agent Eric Lawson investigated me, not my allegations. The postal inspectors in Newark, NJ, at the time enabled a crook to retire. Kenneth J. Benaquista, my former manager, has been collecting $3,400 a month in pension benefits since January 2001. He should have been arrested, fired, and prosecuted! My name is Joseph A. Della Ferra

  • reynolds6506

    Im A veteran…so I see how she feels….but I also know Mrs. McGee and she is a very nice lady and helps people out as much as she can. if she had postal workers come clean her house im sure it wasn’t forced and it was probably because the workers needed more hours and asked Mrs. McGee if there was anything else they could do and she offered it for them as extra income as a separate job and not linked to the post office work in any way. Also You don’t WIN a purple heart..

      • Audrey

        That right there is the way this should have been handled. This coverage rarely fixes anything and does harm to many. It has to come from inside. Proud USPS employee

    • Tim

      You are correct you don’t win a Purple Heart, which means she was in some way injured by enemy fire in ordered to be AWARDED not one but TWO Purple Hearts. So therefore on two separate occasions she was injured

  • Elizabeth Keith

    when confronted by a person with ethics and morals and a backbone they Fired her before the NRLCA could defend her since her 90 days worked probation was not up. i sincerely hope the publicity will spark and investigation. from a rural carrier, “So many Postmasters are uneducated, unqualified, with huge egos. Take away any work ethic or moral compass and you’ve just described 80% of postal management.”
    the state of the art of oversight for rural carriers MUST be equally applied to those who represent the ELM for conduct for federal employees. this postmaster and the supervisors should be removed. period.

  • reynolds6506

    no she didn’t. I haven’t seen her in a while but I know her and I have been to her house to help her husband out arount their land. im 7000 miles away from Huntsville. Just saw this and thought I would share my .02

  • reynolds6506

    I also know how the world works and people are always give me give me about everything. This sounds like another way for people to get more free stuff. I don’t know what happened other then whats in this story. Maybe the employees are soft and cant deal with the demands of working at the postoffice. maybe they weren’t making routes in time and she had to stay on them because lets face it people need the mail. And again how serious can you take this story when the writer states that she WON 2 purple hearts…comeon….

    • Tim

      If she couldn’t handle the job then post master you know so well would not have publicly bragged about her and how great of job she was doing. Just because you know someone personally does not mean you know how they treat their employees in the work place. And as a person in her position wether or not employees ask for more work it is ethically wrong to have them do any kind of personnel work for you. And I didn’t hear or read a single time that this young lady was asking for anything. So how is it that it sounds like people are trying to get free stuff.

    • Robert

      For the record, Nick B. did not say she WON the Purple Hearts. He said she was AWARDED the Purple Hearts.

    • Ronnie Stinson

      “An Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who was awarded two Purple Hearts and once appeared on the cover of Time Magazine” Hey reynolds6506 Reading Is Fundamental……

  • reynolds6506

    I agree with the being awarded purple hearts. that sounds right. But the author stated that she won them. I know what a purple heart is. Iv been in the military for 8 years and am currently on my 3rd tour right now. just think there should be investigations before fingers are pointed in any direction. and you are going to see a lot of people getting laid off after 90 days due to the new insurance laws

    • Tim

      Insurance laws don’t apply to non career employees of the postal service as they do not receive any benefits. And clearly it was miss wording, you can not expect for someone has not served in the military to know the correct terminology and as far as anyone knows perhaps an investigation has been started. We don’t that it hasn’t

  • Michael

    This young lady happens to be my wife and the wonderful mother to our 15 month old son. Karah is a true example of an American hero. Yes, it is correct, she didn’t “win” any Purple Hearts. She earned a Purple Heart on two different deployments. Risking her life to ensure freedom of the USA. Karah loved her job at the USPS. She strived to be the very best each and every time she delivered mail. I ensure you that SGT. Karah Adams has been nothing but honest during this whole process.

    • Tom

      ormationMichael, I am a veteran of the Vietnam war. I am also a retired letter carrier. I would like to speak with Karah and invite you all to a veterans comradery group. Please contact me at you earliest convenience if you receive my contact information. Thank you

    • Letter Carrier

      Michael, I thank your wife for her service and am truly sorry the USPS treated her so unfairly. Anyone who is willing to lay down their life for us deserves better, but what can you expect from someone who sits in an office all day and tells people to do a job they either couldn’t do or aren’t qualified to do. Those who can, carry–those who can’t, go into management.
      I hope she is able to gain something from all of this.

    • A former postal employee

      I know from personal experience that what your wife what your wife says to be true. The post master in Fayetteville, Tn was very difficult to work for when I worked there a little over a year ago. It doesn’t matter what you did she would pin point people to harass everyday just to make your job more dtressful. It was total horrible experience everyday I had to go to that place and see her. There is a lot of wrongful doings in that place and prob most are illegal. Don’t let this one go get you a good lawyer and bite down on this. My story that made me resign from my job was not right and they had no right to tell me I needed to resign but I did and relieved a huge amount of stress off of me. Hope your wife the best.

    • Joseph A. Della Ferra

      Michael, I commend you and Karah for sacrificing for our country and for standing up for what is right. I know she is telling the truth, because I was wrongfully fired from the USPS for reporting my manager, Kenneth J. Benaquista, of Belleville, NJ, for extorting cash from William Tinger, and for stealing money from the agency. My job of 22 years and my pension were swiped away from me for being honest. The postal inspectors and the Office of the Inspector General enabled Benaquista, a criminal, to immediately retire. I have the proof. Benaquista has been collecting $3,400 a month in pension benefits since January 2001. The crook has received more than $500,000 during the past 13 years. He should have been arrested, prosecuted, and fired!

      By the way, Benaquista’s successor, Carmen Fede, Deborah Fortunato, and her spouse, Stephen Sholander,–all of Nutley, NJ, first attempted to fire me. Arbitrator Sherrie Rose Talmadge ruled in my favor; and I was awarded about $50,000 in back pay as I was put out of work for nine months by the co-conspirators. How were Fortunato and Sholander as wife and husband able to manage together?

      When I returned to work, Fede and Sholander falsified documents to succeed in terminating my employment. There are many more details to my story which I am not typing here now.

      Fede is currently the postmaster on Staten Island, NY. Fortunato has retired; and her husband, Sholander, is employed at the Annex in Belleville, NJ, but he doesn’t directly supervise any of the letter carriers in the three letter carrier stations housed in that facility; therefore, it has been unclear for more than 20 years what exactly he does for eight hours a day. Sholander’s uncle was a bigwig in the Newark, NJ Division.

      Michael, you and Karah are welcome to contact me.

  • david baker

    Can i tell you about corruption and sexual harrassment.I was fired from Murfreesboro, office for bogus stuff after working for USPS for 5 yrs.I could get alot of eyes opened!

    • Robert Johnson

      Check out the Post Office Complaints Posted on the:

      The Jersey Tomato Press .com

      Post Office is not what we would like to think it is!

  • Roland Petit

    Corruption and incompetence are rampant everywhere in these times. It’s impossible to escape, that’s reality.

  • Megan

    I’ve heard from more than a couple of employees about how this postmaster treats the employees. If you don’ t go along with what she wants she will make your time there as miserable as possible so you’ll want to quit. I believe the accusations and there should be consequences.

  • Scott Dugan

    As a postal employee for over 20 years, now retired, I can assure you these type actions are VERY real across this nation in many ways! They will continue even moreso due to how management is selected. I have no doubt in any way that Mrs. Adams is being honest I have seen first hand similar actions and treatment! As for the OIG and postal inspectors handling it, well let’s just say I do not have much faith in THEIR investigative abilities to do what is right! I wish you a sincere GOOD LUCK Mrs Adams you are fighting a elephant with bugspray but never give up!

  • Nancy O'Neal

    Oh yes, my husband worked for the post office after military retirement. It was the most stressful job he has ever had. Poor management, harassment, the list goes on. He always felt that there was resentment that military veterans got preference in hiring.

  • phil Zumbehl

    My wife has been a city carrier for 26yrs. I believe everything this young lady says. The usps is a terrible work environments. Harassment is just part of the job, its time the everybody knows what really goes on!

  • Veteran Of Concern

    I know or several potal workers who either are still working or have been working for the postal office sevice and have been told about how management has treated them in a wrongfull manner.

    This goes on more than the public knows my friends. I know of two who just retired from the post office and are they ever glad to be retired. Mrs. Adams you are not the only person that has and still is going through all of this.

    Many Veterans are treated this way everyday. A lot of managment think they walk water, when in fact they do not! I promise you this isn’t the first time person as Mrs. Adams had gone thriugh this and many other issues of unknown manners not reported.

    One reason issues are reported is bwcause many a person need their job and just say nothing for fear of loosing their jobs. A Congessional and Senate Investagation really needs to be done on all post office’s accross America.

    I worked for the government too and, bercause I didn’t go to the same church, go out to eat with my boss and do what she and he wanted me to do, then I too was picked on. Accuse of wrongful issues of which I hadn’t done. They wanted to make me do things the way they wanted me to do. I was trained to do my job by the book and my bosses wanted me to do things the way they wanted me too. This way if things did go wrong, then it fell on me and not them. But I didn’t do things their way and I kep my job and retired.

    Report them to the proper law officials and stand up for your rights. Do this if you know you’re in the right and the truth will come out in the end Veterans and public persons. Right is righ and wrong is wrong!

    I wish you Mrs. Adams and many other veterans who have done right in theirt job and stop thoses who do wrong. When they loose their job, then, they too will know what it feels like too. God Bless and God Speed!

    A Veteran who gave up his freedom for other to enjoy too and for those who waant to ham other who try to do right in life. For Country and God!

  • Happy to be gone

    After 25 years with the Postal Service as a postmaster I retired rather than lower my values to the current requirements of falsifying time sheets and lying to employees and customers. Today’s Postal Service makes it impossible to work responsibily and ethically and remain employed. No one should have to work under these conditions. Frequently employees are judged on the ” It’s not how you work but who you do” rule.

  • Robbie McCoy

    This story is like deja vu for me.

    Years ago, at the very same Post Office I was hired in as an emergency temp, for a full time employee who was having double knee surgery.
    After 3 months of working endlessly, all the while continuing to work at the job I had been at for over 7 years, and because of a large dose of intuition I had, I too, was asked to “quit or be fired”.

    Supposedly, I “lied” on my application too. Here’s the thing, when I was in Chattanooga training and wrapping up the application process I disclosed certain information that I thought should be divulged in order to protect my job. My trainer, contacted the Fayetteville Post Office right then, and discussed how to put it on the application.

    For the record, it was an arrest as a young adult, but I was found ‘not guilty’, and the incident was never on my record, but the way the question read on my application I wanted to be certain – so I explained.

    There is so much political ho-hum in that office that it is pathetic. It’s about who you are, and how much butt you kiss. Things are so elementary, that one would think that you were actually there again, in elementary school.

    Employment, now more than ever is hard to come by, especially in a small town like Fayetteville, where you have to “know” someone to get a decent job, but when you mess with someones livelihood, and the well-being of their family, well let’s just say KARMA is a ????

    I wish this lady the best of luck, unfortunately, corruption has been going on in Fayetteville for years, and in the Post Office too, and this will be swept under the rug like everything else.

  • Nuclear Mike

    Don’t forget the USPS created the phrase “Going Postal!!!” from their internal conduct of their supervisors against their employees!

  • Mary

    Good luck! Dealt with it for 25 years, it’s not going away. I think they teach managers and supervisors how to be the most wicked vile people of mankind. Here in the N Alabama area, they are led by the “failure is not an option” guy in Huntsville. What a joke! Try to find out what he was reprimanded for and then immediately got his job back because he is amazing at producing liars, cheats and bullies. The manager before him was exactly the same and the same before that. I live for the day when this corruption IS exposed and dealt with appropriately. It WILL have to be accomplished by an independent organization who has no ties to the government. Total corruption with complete coverup when dealt with within!

  • Mary

    WHNT, please do not let this story get swept under the rug. If you keep digging, you’re going to be shocked and amazed if you talk to the right people. It’s bigger than the Fayetteville TN story. Be prepared though, you will be harassed and told to leave it alone!

    • d-bird

      This treatment of USPS employees specifically Letter Carriers is going on Nationwide. You will find this in almost every office. USPS treats it’s employees like slaves. If you don’t do what they want or question them you are gone and replaced. Most people are afraid to speak up. I’m glad someone finally did. Dig deeper into this. This story will be HUGE!

      • Letter Carrier

        I agree! This is happening everywhere. Often it isn’t reported because of fear of retaliation. Keep digging–a complete internal investigation of the USPS is LONG overdue!

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  • Robert

    Okay, folks. The author never uses WIN or WON regarding the purple hearts. He said, appropriately, that she was AWARDED them.

  • Joyce

    I think someone does need to check out the post office employees. I had a postbox at the south post office and they were giving my mail to my ex-husband to look over. And after I moved they gave my mail to him. I know this because it would suddenly show up in my mailbox months after the 6 mo. time had past. They NEVER forwarded any mail. Believe me ! He made sure I knew this, Because ,he loved to let me know he was looking at my mail.

    Know that Robert Johnson is soooooo correct !!!!

    I live in Owens Cross Roads now and I have the BEST post office lady.
    At last an honest person.

  • Glad to be gone

    Ask any former casual, TE, or CCA carrier in Peoria il. How shitty the post office treats those types of employees and how easily the great postal union screws the same employees over just as bad as management.

    • HHS

      It’s not just the city-side that gets crapped on, all craft personnel catch it on a regular basis. I’ve been an RCA for 7 years and have had many bad experiences dealing with corruption and impropriety.

  • D B

    I have heard stories of the same sort about post office in Huntsville. Managers that want to make their own rules and not following union rules. It seems that the word Manager goes to their head and suddenly they are better than those that work for them.

  • rw

    when you go to work at post office, you get ( ONE ) drug test when you are hired. and will never get another as long as you work there, maybe this is a drug problem at all post offices in usa? LETS DO DRUG TESTING, and stop drug use in post offices in u.s.a.

  • Retired and no longer retaliated against

    This is not an isolated case. This problem is widespread.
    It happens to clerks also. Management is not happy unless
    the employees are unhappy. Employees are threatened,
    harassed, and intimidated daily. If you ever file a grievance,
    beware because management will be after you. This
    Postmaster will get away with it. The OIG or Postal Inspectors
    only go after the craft employees. This is the worst manage-
    ment I have seen in years at the Post Office. Most of them do
    not know how to do their jobs and will not leave the employees
    alone that do know how to get the mail out. I am so glad that
    I was able to retire in 2009 on the early out and my stress level
    went down considerably. I want to thank Mrs Adams for her
    service to our country and I do believe you. I know for a fact
    of how the Post Office operates today.

  • Ray

    WOW I thought I was the Only one that had a bad experience working

    for the post office. Her story really got to me because I have served the

    the Army and about 5 years later worked a 1 year contract (that was

    not renewed) as a mail carrier for a post office in California.

    They could not fire me but by God they made my life a living hell, I can

    personally testify that they treat their new employees like s**t and I

    would not be at all shocked if this vet had a similar experience.

  • Bill

    I have known this post master for past 8 yrs and she has shared with me as a postal customer all of the carriers and clerks’ personal business. She has discussed their job performance, how she plans to manipulate them, their health problems(breaking Hippa laws), their personal issues. I’m and always have been appalled by her lack of professionalism and disregard for these hardworking people. I have owned a small business employing over 50 wonderful employees and it has been rare that I have fired anyone. I try to lead by example and provide an efficient and healthy work environment. Ms McGee always has negativity exuding from her. I hope she is terminated with no benefits. The Fayetteville post office will be a much more pleasant place.

    • Jim

      If you really want to get rid of this postmaster, the Hipaa violations noted above are the most sure fire way to get her removed/fired. Go to and file a complaint. I am a Union shop steward, and the grievance procedure is good for some things, but getting rid of postmasters is not one of them. Try this end around.

  • Tom Bosley

    Ok Karah, since you mention the 2 Purple Hearts please disclose what events happen for you to be awarded 2 Purple Hearts.

  • jeff massey

    @juan, stupid troll. If the only way you can get into a conversation is by using racial and inflammatory remarks, you must really be a sad lonely person. If this is what it takes to make you feel important, then you go right ahead. It’s better that the whole world thinks you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Perhaps when you are done amazing us with your nuggets of wisdom, you may have time for your mommy to make you a hot pocket before the next battleground starts. Wouldnt want the rest of the trolls to wait too long.

  • Proud to Have Served Beside Her

    For everyone’s FYI google SGT Karah Jarrett and you will find not one but numerous newspaper articles about things she did in the Army. As someone who personally served with her I can attest to her character and say that she is an honest person who always has and continues to stand up for what is right. She was awarded her first Purple Heart after the base was rocketed by insurgents, a rocket hit a humvee she was standing a few feet from and took shrapnel to her legs which were later surgically removed. Her second Purple Heart was awarded after a dismounted patrol she was on was ambushed and a road side bomb detonated about 5 feet from her she sustained shrapnel to her left arm, it entered nearly 6 inches from her heart. Again it had to be surgically removed she had initially suffered so much nerve damage she lost the use of her left arm and spent a year gaining her strength and mobility back. That my friends is not hear say that is fact I was there.

  • Another Ex Fayetteville RCA

    I’m standing in wait, I to was employed by the USPS in Fayetteville, if needed I am willing and waiting to testify against the postmaster. I want to ask a question that has already been asked. Those of you praising her, have you ever worked for her or seen her in action? Thank you channel 19.

  • Ron

    Funny how many lives she has ruined and now she gets a dose of her own medicine! Karma-it’s a b****! Debbie-when u sow a pebble u reap a stone! Sounds to me like NO ONE that’s works for you likes you! Now that says it all when you have nobody defending you. WOW! How you gonna feel when you are escorted out the way you have done so many others? You are not a victim Debbie McGee so don’t blame anyone but yourself! Something is wrong when your kids don’t even speak to you!

  • Sarah Cox

    Being an older sister to Karah Adams I can tell you first & foremost that there is no harm what so ever in sticking up for herself & doing what’s right. Karah comes from a strong, loving & devoted family. She has done nothing but good for many including America! She is my hero, my friend. And i simply cant explain all the great qualities Karah brings to life & society. I can assure you she wouldn’t waste her time with something or someone just to retaliate against them. There has got to be more inside of this facility that is degrading, manipulative & down right illegal activity taking place there. And all I can say is this is just one more thing I will be most proud of. So thank you Karah Adams for opening up some eyes & ears & stopping this madness!!!! I love you Chica!!!

    • Sarah Cox

      Sergeant Karah Jarrett knows firsthand the challenges that language barriers create for her job.
      A truck driver with 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, Jarrett has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with little knowledge of the native languages.
      To help bridge the communication gap during her upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, Jarrett began studying Pashto, one of the country’s two official languages, earlier this month.
      Jarrett is one of 74 Fort Campbell Soldiers participating in the Army’s first Language Training Detachment, which debuted Feb. 1.
      The purpose of the detachment is to train Soldiers in the languages of Pashto or Dari over a 13-16 week program, said Capt. Jeff Harvey, who serves on the 101st Airborne Division’s G3 staff.
      The course is designed to raise the level of language proficiency from no experience to a basic level of conversational speaking and listening, as well as a background in Afghan culture. Fort Campbell has partnered with the Defense Language Institute in this effort.
      “We’re trying to create a language-enabled Soldier,” said Fred Holt of DLI. “They [will] have a basic grasp of the target language and can do basic tasks like greetings, interviewing.”
      Soldiers will be able to carry on basic conversations and will have a deeper understanding of the Afghan culture and society, Harvey noted.
      This language training initiative was in direct response to Commander of Allied Forces in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s need for more maneuver troops with a language capability under Campaign Continuity concept.
      The Campaign Continuity design is changing the approach the Army has traditionally taken toward learning a language. What was once focused solely on linguists has now become part of the job for the average Soldier, Harvey explained. This language training will enhance the Army’s ability to partner with Afghan National Security Forces and local Afghan communities, he said.
      “Because basically every Soldier on the ground has the ability to communicate with, reach out with, partner with, build relationships with every local national that they come in contact with, that need is now much greater,” Harvey said. “The focus has now shifted. Not only do we need our linguists and analysts to have an in-depth knowledge, everybody needs to have a pretty good working knowledge to be able to do that.”
      Prior to the post’s Eagle Language Training Detachment (ELTD), Fort Campbell would send Soldiers in small numbers to either Washington D.C. as part of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Afghanistan/Pakistan Hands Program or to the DLI facility in California to receive language training.
      Bringing language study to the installation has enabled three times the number of Soldiers to train in the same time frame. Fort Campbell has also achieved an initial cost savings of more than $1 million in saved temporary duty funding, Harvey said.
      The Army’s goal is to train one to two Soldiers per platoon in the Afghan languages. Soldiers interested in the ELTD may be recommended by their commanding officer or volunteer for the program if they exhibit a certain maturity level and display that they can handle the rigors of a language course, Harvey said.

  • Sarah Cox

    Who are the Screaming Eagles? People like Sgt. Karah Jarrett, Spc. Nicholas Robinson, Sgt. Felipe Pereira and Sgt. Joshua Frappier, all recipients of various awards for their actions in combat and these 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Soldiers are featured in TIME magazine’s 9/11 video gallery online now:

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Nick Banaszak, I left my cell phone number at your office today for you to please call me. Many post offices are being run by management like the employees are the enemies. I was put through hell for three years until my wrongful termination determined by an arbitrator whose record is alarming. I have cases showing that Joshua L. Javits ruled against the postal worker in all six of the arbitrations over which he presided in a three year period. Please call me. Thank you.

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