Could Carly’s Law Lead to Medical Marijuana in Alabama?

What does the future of marijuana-related legislation look like in Alabama? (Image Credit: MGN Online)

What does the future of marijuana-related legislation look like in Alabama? (Image Credit: MGN Online)

(HUNTSVILLE, Ala.) – One of the biggest stories to come out of this year’s legislative session in Alabama was the passage of Carly’s Law.

The law legalizes the use of a marijuana-derived oil nicknamed “CBD” to treat seizures. It’s named for a little girl from Pelham who suffers severe episodes. It also sets up a one million dollar study at the University of Alabama-Birmingham to examine the oil’s effectiveness.

Approving a component found in pot for medicinal use might once have seemed impossible in Alabama. So does Carly’s Law open the door for similar legislation in the state? Maybe even medical marijuana?

WHNT News 19 talked with Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison) about that possibility. He was a champion for Carly’s Law as it worked through the legislature.

Asked about the possible precedent set by Carly’s Law, Ball admitted “it was certainly a step in trying to extract the substance with medicinal value” from pot.

Despite that step, along with national polls showing a rise in approval for legalized marijuana – even among conservatives – Ball doesn’t see a real shift in Montgomery.

Of several “pot-related” bills introduced this year alone, “[Carly's Law] is the only one that I’ve seen that had a chance for passage,” Ball said.

Ball stressed that in the case of Carly’s Law “CBD” oil has no recreational value. You can’t get high off it.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect to see a flood of marijuana-related bills up for consideration in Alabama’s legislature anytime soon. What might be possible though? Marijuana-related bills that try to address a specific medical need.

“When it comes to helping folks, and when it comes to helping things that may heal and ease pain, we shouldnt rule anything out,” Ball said.



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