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Commissioner Bob Harrison Blasts School Board In Letter to Federal Judge

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The war of words between Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison and the Huntsville City School Board is now spilling over into federal court.

Our news partners at The Huntsville Times/ report Harrison emailed a letter to U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala, who is handling Huntsville’s long-standing desegregation case.

“We believe that the Board of Education has been less than open, to the point of misrepresentation, regarding the steps and procedures for resolving the issue of segregation of the Huntsville City Schools and relief from the 1963 Court Order,” he writes to the judge. “The efforts to engage the affected classes have been less than honest.”

Harrison also goes on to say that he believes the school board is unwilling to interact with the Black community, particularly in northwest Huntsville.

Harrison spoke out against the board earlier this month at a commission meeting with remarks like, “I don`t believe in my 50-plus years have I seen such a display of arrogance, deception, deceit, such that when we talk about being together as a community, it defies everything that we are supposed to be about.”

School Board President David Blair fired back Wednesday night with a response of his own.

David Blair stated, “These recently found documents shows County Commissioner Harrison demanding the closing of Johnson High School in return for voting yes on the ½ cent sales tax. Mr. Harrison’s strong arm tactics and glaring inconsistencies are disturbing.”


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