Huntsville Drivers Question “Exit” Sign

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Travelling south on Huntsville’s Memorial Parkway, you pass clearly marked exits for Governors Drive, Bob Wallace Avenue and Drake Avenue. Just as you crest the overpass at Drake you pass an exit that is marked with only an “Exit” sign.

That exit takes drivers down the parkway south bound access road, and gives them the opportunity to use a lane under the overpass next to Grace Lutheran Church to turn back north.  The access roads in both directions are lined with multiple stores and businesses. That’s where the problem arises with the sign that only says “Exit.”

“We have a lot of new tenants moving in here and they’re finding it difficult to give directions for their new locations,” says Century Office Plaza manager, Lorin Cooke.  She isn’t the viewer who contacted WHNT News 19 about the sign, but she speaks for most business owners.  It’s tough, they say, to get customers to their establishments. “They usually call lost…I didn’t see the sign. I took Airport Road, and we have to kind of loop them back around,” says Cooke.

Airport Road is the next cross street south of Drake Avenue.  The exit for Airport Road as you travel south, is clearly marked. In fact, if you are travelling north there is a sign as you cross the Airport Road Overpass, for a Drake Avenue exit.  That’s the first of two Drake Avenue exits.   The question is, why can’t the “Exit” sign, become the first “Airport Road” exit sign.

“I’d like to see a name, a number…some sort of identification of what exit it is. That would be a marker in giving directions,” says Lorin Cooke. That seems to be a reasonable request, and we are taking action and bringing it to ALDOT.


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