Tricks to Enjoy Your Vacation and Still Come Home with Cash

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Tennessee Valley is in Spring Break mode, with many schools out this week or next week.

So, students and families are looking for things to do for some R & R or just to get away.

WHNT NEWS 19 reached out to our Facebook friends and viewers for their money-saving tricks and  people had a lot to say.

The bottom line is doing a little work before the vacation will likely save you bunches.

People were quick to share their tips on saving money on vacation.

Many of them suggested bringing the savings with you, meaning, buy food at your local grocery store and take it with you to prepare while you're away.

Anthony Luca told us vacation spots' grocery stores have a higher markup and higher sales tax.

He and others also suggested saving money by renting a condo or log cabin.

Ashlee Reaves told us about, a site where you can find great deals for houses and condos.

She said she paid $75 a nite near Disney for a three-bedroom condo in a gated community.

Also, having a refrigerator and kitchen appliances means you can prepare your meals while away and save on costs of eating out.

Many people mentioned to be sure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the trip, so you don't have to buy them along the way.

If you have to eat out, Josh Smith suggested: eat for lunch.  It's cheaper and you avoid the long lines, usually.

Barbara Moore's trick was to go to the Chamber of Commerce in the city where you're heading.  You'll likely get coupons for restaurants and attractions.

Beyond Facebook, we dug up some other ways to save.

If you're traveling with children, stay at a place with kid-friendly amenities, including a pool, waterpark, or game room.

If you go out to dinner, order from the kids menu if possible.

Skip the souvenirs which may get lost, broken or tossed aside once you get home.

At the very least, put kids on a budget and give them their money for the trip, then hold them to it.

Don't forget about hotel points if you have them. Utilizing them can save you cash.

Skip the sugary drinks at dinner and order water -- it's good for you and free.

Here are a few other links where you can find discounts, coupons and deals.

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