Marshall County Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Raping Two Girls

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Colton Hall

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Marshall County man who was found guilty of raping and sodomizing two girls in Feb has been sentenced to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

A judge handed down the sentence for Colton Hall, of Guntersville, Monday morning.

One of the victims was 11 years old and the other was under the age of 16 when the incidents took place.

At the sentencing hearing, Hall’s mother spoke, saying that Hall is loved by his family and people make mistakes. Hall’s attorney asked for the minimum sentence, considering his age and that he took responsibility for his crimes when confronted.

During arguments, the state attorneys said the victims in this case will be forever affected by what Hall did, leading them to ask for the maximum sentence.

Hall declined to speak on his own behalf.

The sentencing was delayed from earlier this month because certain documents were not filed in time.

The two victims were not present for the sentencing.

District Attorney Steve Marshall says this is the end of a long trial that changed those young girls’ lives. “You feel for the children,” Marshall says, “You hopefully know this sends a message to them that the justice system worked on their behalf.”

The sentence is not the maximum amount, but Marshall says the defense is pleased with it.”The nature of this case requires a substantial sentence,” Marshall says, “Anybody who wants to sexually abuse a child, that needs to be a sentence that is not only significant but also sends a message in the community that this is a crime we wouldn’t tolerate.”

Marshall says Hall will not be eligible for parole.



  • Brian S.

    Leniency? Mistakes? Give me a break! Mistakes are harmless errors in judgment. He willfully defiled and terrorized two young girls. If you ask me, he got off easy. How did he take responsibility for his crimes exactly? He refused to speak or offer any kind of contrition. He is a vile, contemptible, piece of human debris and is heading where he belongs.

  • jamison jones

    25 years! Some of these dudes are just outright funny. Why not get these prostitutes? Prostitutes are a very cost effective way of relieving oneself. Why mess with these little girls and spend the rest of your life in protective custody when you could pay $10 for just 5 minutes or less and get to see another day? Ridiculous.

  • Linda Marks Rogers

    This man raped two girls under the age of 16 and he only got 25 years? What is wrong with our justice system? I realize he will not be able to get parole, but really. I would have put him under the jail and given him life without the possibility of parole. This man does not deserve to be walking free. The only consolation is that there will be many more “girlfriends” waiting for him in prison. I hope he get’s his share.

  • blood

    I’m just wondering where was the mother or what charges is she facing ? just saying people make mistakes he was a kid they are all kids . I’ve saw this same court system not send a man to prison for raping a four yr old boy . the only thing different in that case was the person did it was a was A white boy and it happened to a black boy . I know right still scathing my head 2

  • jamison jones

    I still wonder why some are so stupid. I mean, girls are roaming all over the place looking for men to do some ‘work’ on them. i mean grown, ‘big’ girls. what are the chances of one going to jail for ‘doing’ a prostitute? legally amd financially, this is really cost effective. why do they do the absurd and go for these very little things? tragedy. But hey, ‘bubba’ is doing life in kilby and holman.bon apetit

  • Terri

    May the victims continue to survive. “The brother ” sir he is a man who will spend 25yrs removed from society his ethnic origin is not the cause. Please refrain from vengeance. Court has been held and the case is closed

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