Kids To Love: Jamarcus

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A harsh reality of foster care is kids stay in the system for years. Tonight we have an update on a young man that’s still waiting on a forever family.  Jamarcus is this week’s Kids to Love.

We first introduced your to Jamarcus in August of 2012. It was the beginning of his seventh grade year. Now 13, he’s finishing up his eighth grade year.

“So we’re here again” Lee says.

“Yes mam” Jamarcus answers

“Tell me why you wanna get adopted?” Lee asks

“I wanna get adopted so I can start a new life.” Jamarcus answers

He’s been in foster care for four years and in four homes. Despite all the moving, Jamarcus has worked hard to catch up and get his grades up.

”People tell me I can’t do anything it just makes me do it better. I ust to fall for it all the time, I ust to fall for it, now when they tell me it just makes me do it better.”  Jamarcus says.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Lee asks.

“Football player” Jamarcus answers

Jamarcus is a huge Alabama fan.

“I want a family that likes sports and likes Alabama and has kids my age so I can play with them.” Jamarcus says.



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