Judge Joe Brown Arrested In Memphis

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Joe Brown (Photo: Shelby County, Tenn. Jail)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) – Well-known TV court judge and former Shelby County, Tenn. Criminal Court Judge Joe Brown has been arrested in Memphis for contempt of court.

WREG is reporting Brown was representing someone in Juvenile Court for a child support case. Brown reportedly lost control and became verbally abusive.

Brown was given two days in jail for contempt of court, but that increased to three days when he once again started yelling as he was being removed from the courtroom.

Read more on Joe Brown’s arrest at our sister station WREG’s website.


  • ruth Stafford

    Don’t people have any respect for our court system? He demands
    it on his show he should know better. Or does he think he deserves
    some kind of special treatment. He doesn’t need to be a judge on
    or off tv. Fire him already.

    • Jeremiah D. Bates

      Sometimes the person wearing that robe does not deserve any respect. Especially if they are railroading people and violating common law, natural law and the Constitution. That said, I do not know what caused him to lose his cool but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt considering what I have learned about how many courts are being handled today.

      God Bless

    • George Bush

      I Hope With His Money And Connections He Brings Some Feds There To Clean Up There And Alabama They Are So Crooked Down here They Do What Ever They want to Start With Lawrence county!!!!!

  • Bubba

    Say it aint so, Joe! Note: He is running for district attorney in shelby county, memphis, TN. What a joke!

  • Shirley

    He was fired from his TV show a yr. ago. As far as I know he’s in private practice now. He has a huge drinking problem. I always admired him but his personal life has all but destroyed his public life. Check youtube and you’ll understand.

  • JCW

    Since I do not know the circumstances of the trial or what made him angry……I will refrain from giving an opinion. Considering this was in juvenile court I can imagine determining what happens to a child can make you very passionate……if you care about your client.

  • Barb

    In having to be in a juvenile court proceeding, I was apalled at what was allowed on the witness stand. Is the judicial system similiar to our own government?

  • C j Dunavent

    Judge Brown
    We have admired you for years.
    You beat all the odds of a tough young life.
    You made a success out of a bad beginning .
    You are a star for what real determination can do.
    You have been a great example for our young people.
    Please stop destroying your self.
    I was born on 1942 in Memphis and know the
    City as it once was and is today.
    The youth there need good examples.
    Disrespect will not change the City nor will creating
    Chaos .
    Get back to your “ole Self”.
    C J D retired

  • Lepatience Mcclain

    Whatif every time you said something wrong you got fired from your job how would you feel. Some people are so quick to judge others they don’t think about their own wrongdoing. Nobody’s perfect everybody deserves a second chance.

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