Florence Police Respond to Shooting

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eclipse shooting

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Shoots rang out on North Eclipse street Monday evening. The shooting took many residents by surprise. Residents say the heard six shots fired on North Eclipse street.

“It’s honestly a really good community. We don’t see much criminal activity or anything. There are plenty of kids that run around throughout the day so it’s really shocking that something like this happened so close to where we live,” said residents Justin Hardin.

Police officers confirm one person was shot and is being transported to a nearby hospital.

Investigators are interviewing witnesses to try to figure out what happened.

“It’s a little unsettling that it’s happening. But overall it’s a good neighborhood, but it’s just ashamed that it happened here,” said Hardin.

No arrest have been made yet.


    • Me

      Hahha love it! Wake up must be paid to speak given he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and comments on nearly every post.

      • Wake Up

        I work for the NRA. They pay me to excite the bubbas so that they will run out and buy more guns to protect themselves from the boogie men!!

      • Saul Alinsky

        That a boy wake up, if you can not answer the question , call them names read by book RULES FOR RADICALS, as a community organizer, you may find my book will come in handy ,while in the HOOD.

  • Me

    Are you serious? The people dying in every story we are talking about are thugs quite frankly. These stories almost always revolve around drugs and arguments about selling. These are not gun enthusiast who randomly shoot people it is the irresponsible criminals (who by the way will have guns regardless of any laws making them illegal) that cause these type of incidents.

    • Wake Up

      Every case that disproves your position you attach the label “thug.” Interesting — racists, but interesting!

      • screw aarp

        CDC has research, please provide us that data from the CDC. , No not everyone knows the meaning of the word “THUG”. please provide us with your socialist definition of” THUG”

      • screwaarpl

        As always, wakeup can not support his calims, no data, not a problem,for wakeup. on to another suject and more far left sprew!

      • screw aarp

        As always , you are NOT able to prove your statements , with data, old make it up as you go wake up.

  • Me

    Wouldn’t call that racist as thugs don’t have to be any certain race but whatever and you have never disproved any position of mine as statistics show that in home invasions those with guns are able to protect themselves from the robbers who are typically armed as well.

    • Wake Up

      Me, you are correct about home invasions. The problems is, not all gun deaths involve home invasions. The CDC has research showing that a gun brought into the home for protection is often used in the home to kill the owners (suicides, domestic homocides, accidental shootings, etc). Sadly, women are killed most often by a gun brought into the home.

      Also, everyone knows that using the world “thug” means a certain thing. It is the conservative dog whistle of the day!

      • Me

        So you don’t believe that a single woman should be allowed to own a small gun just in case? If someone has the proper training I do not see how it is anyone’s right to tell them they cannot own something to protect themselves. Once again if you look up the definition of thug it essentially means criminal…not racially charged

  • Chris

    “Wake Up” your mind set is seriously flawed!! You say guns kill this person and that person. Not necessarily the people they were originally purchased for. In that case, vehicles kill people on a daily basis so should we ban them as well?? There are plenty more deaths from vehicle collisions than there are guns. As for women being killed most often by guns brought in the home?? No, Sorry, CDC says women are killed most often by HEART DISEASE!! Guns are nowhere near the top of that list. It’s people like you who are trying to ruin a great country who has survived on the visions of its forefathers for generations. Our second amendment supplies us the RIGHT to bear arms and it SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON. I could easily pick any of your favorite amendments and try to take it away, but no I will respect that you have equal freedom to them as I do. You have equal freedom to ALL of them not just the ones you want to accept. You can not like them, but they are there. You speak of the people who have been killed because of gun violence, while I think of all the men and women who have died in the military doing nothing but protecting the rights we have as Americans and they fight for ALL rights and ALL Americans. These individuals have fought so that they and I have the right to our firearms, but yet there are people who want to take rights away that these men and women have fought for. These men and women at least gave up a part of their life to protect you, me, and all of our rights and some gave all. It’s definitely sickening when these men and women gave up so much to protect something and people who would never dare come behind them and serve as they did come in and try to take those rights away. I have the right to bear arms. You have the right to speak your opinion, but I also have that right and the right to defend not only what I believe in and the rights that are lawfully mine, but with those rights I can defend my family from those who may try to hurt us.

  • jamison jones

    Chris, you are right in every way but here is the problem. Who exactly should have guns? I guess everybody but the more broader issue here is what has this liberty reduced this society to? There is no civil sense anymore. You know, people lately have no guts to resolve even the simplest of problems in more civilized ways. The trick with the presence of a gun nowadays is to eliminate the problem permanently! So do you see where the problem is?, its not the guns but the level of civil sense in this so called ‘modern-western world’..ridiculous

    • Me

      I agree that people use guns in ways they should not be used, however do you honestly believe that if gun laws are stricter those people will be the ones it impacts. Of course not, criminals are the people using guns for silly matters not law abiding citizens. Often these people aren’t even legally buying the guns they use, instead they buy things off the black market. If the government were able to truly find a solution to this I’m all for it but that will likely never happen, it will only cripple those who intend to use their guns for protection purposes.

  • jamison jones

    Look, the 2nd amendment is not going anywhere. Period. But i guess this whole amendment was designed to bolster the ‘underground economy.’ you know, jails and prisons. Prisons and jails are an economy unto themselves. Guns and their effects brings more people in the system and therefore all the lock-up apparatus is indefinitely kept intact. Just like a bar, you are not going to run out of patrons, so are the prisons and jails. you know, jailers and their ilk will have life time jobs, prison suppliers will definitely be never out of work, the legal occupation will keep going. i mean Its a multi billion business per year and taking out guns cuts into the profits cuz the inmate population will reduce significantly and hence cutting out revenue. The mason society knows about this.

    • Me

      Not really sure what that rambling was about but at the end of the day the people choosing to irresponsibly use guns are not going to be affected by any type of gun control law and it will only affect those who do follow laws. I doubt a gun law will affect the jails in anyway, if anything more people may be taken to jail for owning guns if that’s what you were trying to say

  • jamison jones

    yeah, more people will go jails and therefore you will not have a stagnant economy. Revenues from jails probably fund a big percentage of a government program. you know disability or social security. I also agree no gun law is gon’ change anything. i guess its going to take more of a behavioral thing from everybody. DON’T GO WHERE YOU DON’T BELONG AND STAY AWAY FROM IDIOTS AND THEIR ILK.

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