Huntsville Police Responded To A Wreck On University Drive

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Huntsville police responded to a wreck on University Drive and Julia Street late last night.

Police say a transient man attempted to cross University Drive in front of La Qunita Inn when he was struck by a vehicle.

Huntsville police tell WHNT News 19 the vehicle was driven by a 19-year-old female going east on University Drive

The man has life-threatening injuries and police say he is not expected to survive.

Police say the 19-year-old will not be charged.


  • Butch

    It’s not “FATAL” unless someone passes away, the victim is still alive at the moment. Why would the writer use the word FATAL ?.

    • Anonymous

      The report says the man is expected to pass. I wouldn’t exactly refer to this man as a victim given he is one of the many people who choose to walk across University Drive which happens to be a busy street. That’s almost like asking to be hit, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people almost get hit on that road and I truly feel sorry for the young girl who hit him. She will live with this for the rest of her life and it is not in any way her fault.

      • Wake Up

        Cars have brakes and headlights on them for a reason. When you drive faster than your headlights can see, and too fast to safely break, it is not an accident! It is careless driving! People drive beyond their ability to control their car on many streets in this area.

    • SB

      Wake up “wake up”… either you are the subject of multiple inbreeds or just simply a dumbass. If you don’t know the law of mechanics, they have still not invented any cars that stop on the spot once you hit the breaks. That poor soul crossed in front of a moving vehicle. it was an accident and not a homicide. Let’s just hope you will never have to be in that poor girl’s shoes… and from your comment, I even doubt you have a driver license.

  • KB

    I guess they figure if the victim is not expected to survive its fatal. I agree. It should read, “Near Fatal” or leave the word FATAL out completely. Do people not look anymore before they cross the street?

  • Anonymous

    Wake Up, it’s not a drivers responsibility to dodge people walking in areas they are not supposed to be in. Roads are for cars not people, and the majority of the time these people crossing are wearing all black and are clearly noticeable. It’s pretty sad when people have to worry about hitting someone on a daily basis on that road.

    • Wake Up

      You are correct that people should not be in the street where they are not suppose to be. Having said that, It is still the drivers responsibility to avoid obstacles — even the ones that are not suppose to be there! Cars are equipped with the tools to accomplish that responsibility.

      Let me address another issue. Since it was a “transient” that was hit, I do not expect any charges against the driver. If the person hit was of a higher social standing, say like an engineer working in a research center — I bet charges would be forth coming! How do I know this? Research similar cases in the past!

      • Anonymous

        You do have a point, however I don’t know of to many engineers who wouldn’t have the sense to stay off a busy road especially during the night hours. In the end the only true person who couldn’t have 100% prevented this from happening was the man himself.

      • karl

        I unfortunately had the experience of hitting a pedestrian several years ago… My headlights and brakes were in proper working condition. I saw the “pedestrians” crossing in the middle of the road – NOT at a corner or crosswalk!! They were crossing from the right side of the road to the left… I pulled to the right in order to avoid them and give them space to cross the road. One of them turned back and walked into the left front fender of my vehicle. Unfortunately it was the last step he took.
        The point is that none of the folks that are making comments here know all the facts!! Only the actual driver at the time!! It does not make a difference if it was a “transient” or “engineer.” If the “pedestrian is not crossing the roadway properly – ie: at the light or crosswalk; how does one really know to charge the driver? Was the driver actually driving beyond their vehicles headlights? Was the driver distracted by something? What was the “pedestrian wearing? was the pedestrian lucid? too many factors to take into consideration by all the individuals commenting….
        I feel for the driver in this case…. It is also sad that this happens to any “pedestrian” anytime and anywhere!!

      • SB

        Yeah Wake up, hit your breaks and cause a chain reaction… Crossways are for pedestrians… that poor soul should have used it or looked around. A vehicle doing 45 mi/hr ain’t going to veer left or right and hit other vehicles. That poor driver didn’t have a choice.

  • anon

    wake up- firstly, when someone walks out in front of your car while you’re driving quicky, stopping in time is not always possible. secondly, these things happen in the blink of an eye. you dont have time to stop and think what the best plan of action is. you just react and what happens happens.

    if you have no idea what your talking about, please keep your mouth shut.

  • Wow

    Ok let’s just assume that this young lady was driving fast apparently this wake up person is an expert at assuming how someone was driving when this unfortunate accident happened! Wish I had those skills. No one is a perfect driver and none of us can know what to do in a situation such as this unless we have been involved in this unfortunate tragedy before! I pray for all involved!!!!

    • Wake Up

      Keep trying. I have never been involved with this type of thing in my fifty years of driving because I drive within my abilities and use the equipment provided by the manufacture of my vehicles.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe the reason you have never been involved in this type of wreck is because you have been fortunate enough not to have someone dart out in front of your moving vehicle…not because of your superior driving skills. Get real

      • Wake Up

        Actually, I have had my share of events in my years of driving. I have just been able to be defensive and not assume what the other person will do or not do. I pay attention to what I will do and avoided problems.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest here, wake up is some 60-70 year old liberal male who consistently comments on issues he truly knows nothing about. It’s sort of ironic that he is even saying how great of a driver he is given the fact that elderly people are involved in the majority of wrecks. No one wants to hear how perfect you think yourself to be.

    • screw aarp

      Anonymous, your correct , wake up is an old lib,seeing their last chance for socialism in the U.S. , go down the drain, Obama,and his many lies to the American people, has killed their dream.

  • Chuckie39

    Gosh, I hope you are not somewhere ahead of me when you just decide to stop and figure things out on University. Everybody from you on back will have to wait while they clean up your resulting mess. The city could put up traffic lights every 50 feet on Univ and they would still find a way to try and cross in between them. I see it every day. Wake up yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, wake up blames the drivers when everyone else knows that people walking in areas besides crosswalks is the common denominator in all university drive pedestrian hits.

      • Wake Up

        It is attitudes like yours that result in stories like this one that we are discussing. Also, “anonymous,” you are correct that the elderly are involved in many car crashes. That is because some of you bad drivers will survive and eventually grow old!

    • Wake Up

      Chuckie39, if you are driving the speed limit, not following me too close, and know where your brake pedal is — you will have no problem with me stopping to avoid some idiot that is not suppose to be in the street.

  • Anonymous

    Was that a serious comment? Your statement about bad drivers made no sense because wouldn’t a bad driver be more likely to die young? People who create incidents like this are the people who do not have enough common sense to think before crossing a major roadway. Had he crossed in an area which was safe such as a light, he wouldn’t be fighting for his life…end of story.

    • Wake Up

      Anonymous, it seems like you read as carefully as you drive. I said “some” bad drivers survive and grow old! Plus, many bad drivers only take out others, not themselves!

  • Kelly

    I work on University Drive not to far from where this accident happened. In fact I could see the emergency vehicles just after it happened. The traffic is unbearable on University Drive, you have people walking all night long. I am not saying anyone is to blame but my thought are, wear lighter clothes when walking at night and slow down on these roads where people are prone to drive fast. Please stay off the cell phones!!!! Cross at redlights or crosswalks. This is a terrible tradegy for all the people involved.

  • KB

    I have also seen people walking across University Dr. like they’re taking a stroll in the park. I think some of them WANT to get hit so they can make some easy money. In a “sue happy” society it doesn’t seem impossible.

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