UPDATE: Man Claiming To Be Fugitive Calls WHNT Newsroom

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) - The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department is looking for a man wanted for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery in Tennessee.

Investigators say they have been looking for Scotty Wayne Bolin since Saturday. They allege Bolin met a Remax realtor at a residence on Patrick Rd in the Park City area under the guise of wanting to buy the property when he held her a knife-point and demanded money, according to investigators.

Bolin attempted to make the realtor get into a car to get money. The realtor was able to then escape, according to investigators.

A man claiming to be Scotty Bolin contacted WHNT News 19 Monday morning. Caller ID in the newsroom identified the number as belonging to someone with the name Scotty Bolin. That man told WHNT News 19's Nick Banaszak, "there is a long story to that," in regards to the accusations against him.

Scotty Bolin Courtesy: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Scotty Bolin
Courtesy: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

The man said, "The reason I did what I did is because I was off of my medication for several days." He claimed to have been off of his medication for a total of four to five days.

He denied holding the realtor at knife-point, but did say, "I got her there under false pretenses, but all I did was try to get money from her."

"I just grabbed her arm. That's all I did," the man claiming to be Bolin said. Bolin later said that he planned on turning himself in, but had not surrendered as of Monday evening.

"I understand there is right and there is wrong, and I understand that what I did was wrong," said the man.

WHNT immediately contacted the Lincoln County Sheriff with the information obtained in order to assist their investigation.

Bolin may be driving a tan, 2007 Toyota Prius 4 door hatchback, or a silver, 2006 Chevy Equinox.

The Sheriff's Office urges you to not make contact with Bolin, as he is considered armed and dangerous. If you know where Bolin might be, please contact Investigator James Owen at (931) 433-9821.


  • Hal

    This guy looks familure. Wasn’t he involved in a crime a few years back and he’s in a wheelchair because he’s so fat?

    • Glenda

      no Hal he is not in a wheelchair…i have known this guy since i was about 8 or 9 yrs old….he is actually a good person until he gets off his medication…i only hope that he is the one that did make that call and is going to do the right thing….and that he is coming to his senses…

  • AGP

    Really? That’s all you have to say? Fat jokes? I mean seriously. I hope none of your sisters, daughters or girlfriends get kidnapped and then people make jokes about it.

    • Bob

      They’re not making jokes about the anyone getting kidnapped.
      They’re making a joke about the kidnapper.
      Calm down Internet Social Justice White Knight Warrior.
      Maybe step away from the computer for a while.

  • Renea

    this guy neds to be put out of social areas …anyone who can set up to seea home for sell and attack the realtor is a animal.and if he takes medication which he claims he was ofof isthereasonhe did what he did then he needs to be somewhere someone at all times can monitor his meds .. i say this guy
    is a total monster

  • Neice

    My aunt was the victim. He still hasn’t turned himself in. Please keep her in your prayers. She is still pretty shook up.

  • Sally Frank

    Never leave a tip if you have information about a person who would do this? So what if they tape you? Do the right thing.

    • BHJ

      People call the news to offer tips. How many tips will they receive if they think they are being recorded? WHNT should have kept the recording to themselves and not put it on TV. Of course law enforcement should have been notified, but the recording should not have been played. Bad move and demolishes the little trust people have for news.

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