Virginia Middle Schooler Nearly Expelled for Taking Razor from Classmate

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY/CNN) – Kids are taught that honesty is the best policy, but that didn’t turn out to be the case for a middle schooler in Virginia, at first.

The last week has been full of ups and downs for Adrionna Harris, a student at Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach. Last Thursday, she saw a classmate cutting his arm with a razor, so she convinced him to stop and took the razor away.

The next day, she told school administrators what happened. The school responded differently than Harris expected: She was suspended for 10 days, citing its zero tolerance policy.  The school system also said Harris faced expulsion.

“I was shocked and surprised. I was very shocked that a student would get suspended for saving another child,” said Rachael Harris, Adrionna’s mother. “The school system over-reached absolutely.”

The family wasn’t getting any answers as it protested Adrionna’s suspension and possible expulsion.

So, the family reached out to WAVY, a news station in Virginia Beach.  The news story reached far beyond Virginia, and Virginia Beach’s public school system took a pummeling on social media.

Through more twists and turns, Harris got good news late this week.  Late Thursday, March 20, Adrionna learned her record will be cleared. She returned to school today.

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