Sheriff: Limestone County Deputy Shoots Dog to Escape Injury

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TONEY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Limestone County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a pit bull on Friday. The deputy was serving a warrant at home on Saddle Trail Road, just off East Limestone Road in Toney.

Sheriff Mike Blakely said the incident happened just before 3 p.m.  The dog attacked the deputy as he was getting out of his car.

Sheriff Blakely said the deputy was forced to shoot and kill the animal.  The deputy was not injured.

Blakely says a witness to the incident reported the deputy waited to see if the dog was going to retreat before shooting to defend himself.


  • Michael

    I’m a little torn when it comes to these stories. Yes, officers need to protect themselves when it comes to serving warrants. On the other hand, just about every officer on the streets these days are armed to the teeth with billy sticks, pepper spray, and tasers. Wouldn’t at least one of those be a better option than a gun? Hope this isn’t like when Morgan County’s police executed a “dangerous” golden retriever because it “lunged” at the officer a couple of years back.

    • scott

      All that does give them want to be copsto shoot the Dust out of there guns all he had to do is spray the dog i have done it a few times even a pit bull and it work he is a weak cop he don’t need to be one he needs a job makeing Flowers i think.

  • Donna Ghost Bear (@donnaghostbear)

    The dog belonged to one of my friend’s daughter. She lives close by. Ask her about the *vicious* pitbull. Ask her about the child who watched as her dog was killed. The dog wasn’t even at the address where warrant was served. TALK to the family.

  • Jessica

    Sounds to me like the dog should have been in a fenced yard, not roaming free. People are more important than dogs. Our officers risk their lives every day, and we should show them more support.

    • Michael

      You might be surprised to find out that police work isn’t even in the Top 10 most dangerous occupations in this country. 2013 was actually the lowest number of LEO deaths in 54 years and the lowest number of gun-related deaths since the 1880s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a dangerous job, but it’s not near as bloody as most police supporters want you to believe.

      I agree, people are more important than dogs. But if police start shooting dogs prematurely and more frequently (not saying that’s what happened here) it will desensitize them when it comes to human interaction.

  • John

    I’m glad that neither one of my Pit Bulls had to deal with this sort of thing. My first pit bull was very protective, but you would have had to do something to provoke her. Both of my pit bulls roamed freely, but both dogs only roamed while I was at home and was always indoors at night. The only time my first dog saw an officer at my door both of their hair stood up, my pit bull had never seen anyone in a uniform before, but my dog didn’t attack she just grolwed. My second pit bull had the same life but I spent much more time training him. I had him for 20 years and he never attacked anyone, in fact you could reach into my car and pet him without any agression, but he could be very protective if you raised your voice or made an aggressive move towards anyone, he was taught to protect a person from violence.

  • ariel

    im so tired of hearing about police shooting and killing dogs. this state is so corrupt, i fear for the future. there is no excuse to shoot a dog first of all, he was in that dogs home that dog was only doing what a dog is supposed to do, and have no cops in alabama ever heard of pepper spray?? tazer??? no, theyre trigger happy and it is just so sad scum like that gets to be a police officer yet i think they are almost all like that now, any wimp that can run in a circle and pass a drug test.

  • ariel

    and only an ignorant person believes people are more important than any animal, hell, most other animals have better souls than a lot humans. i fear for this country it is full of nothing but soulless, greedy scum.

    • Michael

      Remember that post next time you smack a mosquito for biting you. By the way how many animals lost their homes when your home was being constructed?

      • Bob

        Not to mention when I take a shower and I exfoliate.
        The horror! The horror of it all!
        And think about when you mb8? Millions of lives are lost!

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