Popeye’s Worker Known for Singing to Customers in Drive-Thru Window

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (CNN) - Going through a fast food drive thru is usually a pain.  But in New Orleans, there's one that people go out of their way to visit.

It's all because of the special skills of the woman who takes the orders.

When you drive through one particular Popeye's, you don't need your radio to stay entertained.  Cynthia Carter will sing to you.

She sings because she loves it.  Her audience arrives hungry, at the Popeye's at the corner of Williams and West Esplanade in Kenner.

Cynthia performs daily, singing the menu items, including dessert.  She's been working the drive-thru for 26 years.  She says customers often tell her she's brightened their day, and they often sing back, too!

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  • Stephene

    Try checking out McDonald’s in Harvest. They have a man working drive thru that sings and tells jokes. He worked mornings. You didn’t need that cup of coffee to wake you up. He seemed to enjoy his job.

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