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New App Helps You Avoid People That You’d Rather Not See

Photo Courtesy: CNN

Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN)- Don’t want to run into your ex? Now, there’s an app to avoid that.

Cloak is a free iPhone app that helps you avoid running into the people you’d rather not see at all. The app pulls location information from Foursquare and Instagram, other social media apps.

Using that information, Cloak helps prevent those awkward encounters.¬†Cloak’s tagline is “Incognito mode for real life.” You might say it’s an anti-social network.

Click on a bubble on the map, and you’ll see a person’s name, his or her location and about how long ago he or she checked in there. If it was a while ago, the image will appear faded, like a ghost.

Users can set up notifications for people that would like to avoid: exes, frenemies or maybe even coworkers. There’s even an option to avoid everyone in your social network.

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