Parents Concerned About Issues At Woodville School

WOODVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Some parents are concerned about what they call issues at Woodville School, one including students bringing knives on school property.

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kenneth Harding says he has heard about some of the instances and they have taken appropriate action. “The principal and assistant principal confiscated the knives, disciplined the students, and we went on our merry way,” Harding says.

He says he can’t discuss what measures were taken to discipline those students or the ages of the students.

Parents who contacted WHNT News 19 say that’s not the only issue they’ve been seeing.

One parent who didn’t want to be identified says she’s seen an overall lack of discipline during school hours, like students going to their cars or being in the hallways during class time. ¬†She also said students would go to the gym unsupervised to skip class.

Harding says he hasn’t heard any of those concerns, and says Woodville School isn’t any different from others in the system. “I don’t have any more complaints from one place than I do another,” Harding says, “I get complaints from all over the county about situations and we deal with them. When they come to my attention, I bring them to the administration’s attention and they deal with it.”

He says since the situation with the knives was addressed they haven’t had any more issues at the school.


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