Foundation for Limited Government Announces Alabama Anti-Corruption Pledge

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Foundation for Limited Government’s President John Rice introduced the Alabama Anti-­Corruption Pledge Thursday morning, a comprehensive plan for ethics reform that has been sent to every legislator and candidate for the legislature, Republicans and Democrats.

The pledge includes term limits, a ban on football tickets, and other reforms. Full details of the pledge were given during the news conference held in the joint briefing room of the state house. Rice will also kick off a campaign to encourage all legislators to sign the pledge and outline plans to hold legislators accountable if they refuse.

“The legislative leadership has done nothing to advance real ethics reform in the state. Public officials are receiving special treatment to attend football games, fundraisers are being held during the session when legislators are on taxpayers’ dime, and legislators are conducting backroom deals with lobbyists. Letting them get away with this stops today” said Rice.

Click here to read the pledge in its entirety.

For more information, email John Rice or call 334-416-8022

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