Dozens of Huntsville Residents Race Health Insurance Deadline To Enroll

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – This month, Huntsville Hospital is partnering with J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College and Enroll Alabama to help people enroll in the federally funded Health Insurance Marketplace.

Open enrollment ends March 31.

Enroll Alabama is an organization formed to assist citizens in finding health coverage that meets their needs and budget. The three organizations have come together to help area residents sign up before the deadline.

The classes last 45 minutes and are free to the public.  They will be offered at Drake State, located at 3421 Meridian Street North, every Tuesday and Thursday in March from 5 – 7 p.m. The classes will take place in Building 500, classrooms 508 and 510.  You don’t need to pre-register.

To learn more about the program, call (205) 332-0715 or visit


  • Nuclear Mike

    The “Hardship Form” is the only answer for many who need real help; otherwise, you will discover that the Federal Government will use the IRS to “TAX” you in retro and you will be surprised at how they will control your premiums thru your tax returns…

  • Sarah

    how is it that I make less then 10,000 a year, I go to school, work, and I am a single mom and don’t qualify for help paying for insurance?

  • Be informed

    @Sarah, because Gov Bentley opted out of Medicare. All rebublican states did this in opposition to the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”. Republicans could care less if you have health insurance. I cannot believe a state with as many poor and middle class citizens would be a republican state. How do the poor and middle class republicans think this political party benefits them or their families.

    • Sam Spade

      Just because we talk doesn’t mean we ARE slow…………………We can spot a scam when we see it unlike some idiots that I know

    • screw aarp

      Is being informed , a lot like waking up? some times socialist change their name , but not their Saul Alinsky views,

    • dmil72

      Maybe you should inform yourself a little, Gov. Bentley decided not to expand Medicaid in the state because after the 2 year period the federal government was going to pay for it, the state then has to pick up the tab. The taxpayers of the state of Alabama are taxed enough already. Alabama can not fisically support the expansion you and the other socialists want.

      • Wake Up

        Sorry dmil72, I have to inform you that you are completely wrong. The ACA pays 100% of the cost for the first three years (starting January of this year). After that, the federal government pays 90% of the cost of the expansion forever! As it is today, the federal government pays 60%.

  • Be Informed

    Again, I will ask what does the republican do that directly benefits you or your family members??? Increasing taxes on the wealthy or taxes penalties for corporations who take jobs overseas could easily solve a lot of problems. Why are people against something that would benefit the masses and against taxing billionaires? The only thing certain in life is change, and America will continue to change to benefit all of its citizens. Oh, name calling is a definite sign of ignorance. Debate your factual points, not what Fox News tells you to believe.

    • screw aarp

      be informed ,wakeup ,again! prove your far left socialist comments. are go hide under a different user name, you sprew the same far left garbage as the Whitehouse ,MSNBC, CBS, same old wore out socialist, incestuous , rants.

  • Be Informed

    My network for news is CNN. I find that MSNBC is left bias, like Fox News is right bias. So much for “fair & balance”. I would suggest you check the definition of “big words” before using them. You are probably so angry because America is changing in demographics and you feel helpless. Becoming the minority is such a fearful threat to white Americans. That is the reason I believe so many poor and middle class southerners are republicans, you truly believe they lookout for your interest. Still you have yet to stated how you or your family members benefit for
    the republican policies and agendas. Just so you know I am also white.

    • screw aarp

      As I have stated before ,I an a Black American ,who has his on business, with out the help of incestuous groups, like the NAACP, and other far left socialist groups. The Al sharptons and jesses jackson, of the world want to hold all Black people down. As a minority as you like to call us(all democrate like to pigeon hole groups) first I an an American,who has served this country, and did not ask for any help from the government(I know as a Black man not getting help from the government disappoints you . By the way google ( big words)like INCESTUOUS , with your views of Blacks ,And poor and middle class southerns(whites) , this may be the definition of you and your far left socialist FAMILY.

  • Be Informed

    Like most republicans, you will never answer the question “how does the republican platform benefit you or your family?” Yes I am a proud far left democratic. I also am proud of my two biracial sons, from my veteran black husband. I am also proud of my white veteran father. Both of these great men in my life served a combined total of 50+ years to this great country. Whatever race you may be, you sound really angry. America is changing and whatever race one may be, the youth will keep the democrats for a long time to come. Can you please enlighten me, about how the republican platform benefits you or your family. I know that the majority if black families DO NOT rely on government assistance.

    • screw aarp

      Who said I was a republican?, Who said the majority of blacks rely on the government? sounds like you have been reading to many Billy Munfree novels By the way did you google INCESTUOUS?

    • Wake Up

      Be Informed, you are the face of the future. The others on this discussion board are the dinosaurs heading for extinction!

  • Be Informed

    Like I said you will never answer the question. You said I would be disappointed by the fact that a black man is not on govt. asst. Why would I be disappointed by that fact? You have deeper issues than being a republican. Wish you nothing but happiness in your life.

    • screw aarp

      why will you not google INCESTUOUS? afraid that I will be right! after you finish your Billy Munfree novel, you should try Saul Alinskys, rules for radical socialist. I dont want to spoil it for you ,but its about community organizers.

    • Wake Up

      Be informed, the person that is giving you the run around is an internet troll. That person uses several different screen names to harass people they disagree with. The way this discussion site is set up allows you to change names at will. Heck, they even think that me and you are the same person. The trolls are pretty much ruining this cite.

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