Update: Dog in Good Condition After Dragging ‘Accident’, Case to go to Grand Jury

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) - Madison County Sheriff's investigators have located the driver of a truck spotted dragging a dog behind it; the truck belonged to the dog's owner.

Sergeant Brian Chaffin said the investigation is nearing completion and will be presented to the Madison County District Attorney’s Office for further review and consideration.

The dragging incident was first reported Friday off Charity Lane in Madison County. Since then, investigators have received a number of public tips and eyewitness photographs to aid in their search for the truck involved.

A viewer photo, sent to WHNT News 19, appears to show the incident in progress.

A viewer photo sent to WHNT News 19, allegedly showing the "dog dragging" incident on Friday, March 14th.

A viewer photo sent to WHNT News 19, allegedly showing the "dog dragging" incident on Friday, March 14th.

According to the Madison County Sheriff's Office, if authorities found the incident was intentional, they were prepared to charge the offender with aggravated animal abuse.

Sgt. Chaffin says the dog's owners say the dog was tied to the truck to keep her from running away, but when the owner got in the truck he did not realize this. Chaffin says the owner drove about a mile down Charity Lane before he was flagged down.

WHNT News 19 initially reported the dog had died from its injuries, because based on preliminary accounts and photos, Madison County Sheriff's Investigators said Monday morning they believed the dog to be deceased.

The dog was in fact treated by a local veterinarian for minor injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.

Chaffin says Tuesday sheriff's investigators are conducting additional interviews with the dog's owners and witnesses.

He says right now, there is a 50/50 chance the dog owner will be charged.


  • elizabeth carney

    they did that on purpose there is a chain around that dogs neck that should tell u something sick bastards. if i was a judge i would them the same way sick people in this world

  • mamac

    If this person did this on purpose they should throw this piece of CRAP under the jail and NEVER let him or her out. People who do this is SICK. I have heard a Psychologist say, people that start out hurting animals they go to killing animals then they go to killing people It is AGAINST the LAW in ALABAMA to tie a animal to a vehicle..I didn’t say this the STATE of ALABAMA DID.. And to the person that took this picture why didn’t you call the police right then and there heck why didn’t you go and STOP this you could have SAVED the dog..And you could have followed this person till the cops got to you …Cause if I had of seen this I would have pulled in front of that truck and made the person stayed till the police got there..So, person who did this step up and admit what you have done.

      • Krn

        Animal cruelty is not taken seriously enough. There are reports very often of people killing animals, (hacking dogs to death) starving them etc… yes. NO excuse…
        Ignorant redneck…nothing more. Owner and driver should be given a little of the truck ride the dog got…from the tether on the back.

      • Sue

        Yes I agree! As long as he can run 45 mph and keep up with the truck he will be ok. After all that is what this innocent dog was suppose to do until he could not and was dragged. I am sure that was right away! Maybe he might fear what is going to happen when he can’t beat the speed!

  • bamian

    People like this make me sick!!! I think we need to establish laws that give the person the same treatment as they gave their victim…especially if they die as a result of it. It’s the only way people will stop this craziness!! People aren’t scared of going to jail anymore or even getting a record, so tougher laws need to be in place, such as the one I just stated. May he ROT!!!

    • JA

      The person that originally shared the photos was afraid of getting too close and hitting the dog, and had her daughter with her and understandably did not want to get in a confrontation with someone that would do this…

      • Tam

        do you know the name of the business where the photo was taken?
        I can’t read the sign on the building.
        thank you.

      • mamac

        If I had of been there and witnessed this even if I had my boys with me I would have pulled in front of the truck jumped out and tried to untie the dog .I would have told this person you have a dog tied to your bumper and then if he heard that he might have realized what the person was doing pulling in front of him. If this person didn’t mean to do it. But if he was doing this on purpose and the person tried to get away all the person had to do was jump back in her car and follow that person till police got there..I don’t want my kids involved in a situation like this but if you got your kid in the car with you.You just tell them keep down lock the doors and call the police. Cause you got to show your kids “YOU GOT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING..And this was a cause to stand. Cause what would the person do if this had been a kid tied behind a truck? My oldest (23)son was at a auto parts store and he saw a guy pick a lab puppy up behind his ears and threw the puppy in the truck. My son went to that man and said Sir, Sir, why did you do that it’s just a pup…And my son said the man grabbed the puppy and threw it in the parking lot and the guy said you want to say something then you take it. And he sped off. My son was in shock and he picked the pup up and this older lady came to my son and said I heard and saw what happened I will take the pup if you don’t want it. And my son no, mam, I have to many dogs..And the lady said I just lost my dog the day before of cancer. The LORD works in Mysterious Ways.. Back to this story, this story has been on the news all day and someone knows this truck hello, is anyone calling the police to say I know the person who drives this truck.Cause let me tell you if I knew this person I would hope the police got to him for I would Cause this person would know what it would fell like to be drug..Shame shame shame..It is against the law in Alabama to tie a animal to a vehicle..

      • JA

        Tam, I live close to where this happened and drove through the neighborhoods last weekend in case I could see the truck. The business is Charity Lane Mini Storage. You can see a trail where the dog was dragged.

        mamac — I would have done things differently as well, but I’m grateful someone attempted to stop him and did call the police. There are a lot of people out there that wouldn’t have. Besides, as horrible as this sounds, the dog already seemed dead (it was leaving a trail behind it), and I don’t think her intervening would have changed that.

        I hope this person is caught.

    • Daniela Perallon

      Pamela, I am the reporter who initially looked into this incident when we heard about it. The woman who took the pictures did call 911 immediately, but she said the truck owner had left the scene by the time police arrived.

    • mamac

      You are saying you did this??? I don’t care if the dog was dead. That is still cruel and sick.Why did you do this cause if you did this to make you feel “better” you are a sick person.It takes a sick person to hook a dead dog up to a bumper and drag it. It is UNCALLED for .So, we will see what kind of ba**s you got now go to the police and tell them..Shame shame shame on you….

  • Red

    All you outraged people advocating doing the same to the driver are going to realize how wrong you are when you find out that this person is heartbroken to discover this terrible accident. Why is it so easy for you people to assume everything is done with malice? Does it not occur to any of you that this was just a terrible accident?

    • JA

      Who ties their dog to a vehicle? Who forgets their dog is tied to a moving vehicle? The person didn’t hear the dog make any noise? Never looked behind the truck to see their dog being dragged? Didn’t wonder why someone was trying to get them to pull over?

      If it’s a pet the person cared about, have they willingly contacted the police to clear this up? They can point to the remains of the dog? Surely if it was a valued member of the family, it was properly buried?

      Maybe it was truly an accident, but it’s certainly questionable.

    • Are you insane

      With a comment like that you may be clinically insane.

      If it was accidental, the driver would have stopped and rendered aid or took the dog to a vet! If not, and it was an accident and the driver took off and left the dog, it just means the driver is a self centered narcissist that cares nothing about anyone but themselves.

      If this was on purpose? The driver is a sub-human pile of cow dung and should be charged to the full extent of the law, as should anyone who knows the driver did this and said nothing.

      And hypothetically, if someone sees something like this and opens fire on the driver, other than being morally correct, what charges could be filed against you? I mean the dogs life is probably worth MORE than this dub human pile of garbage.

    • Karinttt

      Who would chain a dog to their truck in the first place. If the person feels horrible he or she should have immediately gone to the police and confessed to the “accident.” No way could I have simply walked away knowing I hurt an animal. And there’s no way the person in this truck didn’t realize that he/she was dragging their dog. Where was the immediate trip to the vet with this emergency? Doesn’t sound like this person had an accident. Could be… but I can’t imagine how. And if you know who this person is, you should be reporting them if you cannot encourage them enough to self-report.

    • AL

      What type of person ties their dog to the back of their truck? Maybe it was an accident but I just don’t see how that’s possible. PLUS, if you do need to tie your dog to a vehicle (not saying it is okay to do so at all), why would you tie it to the back…

  • peyton

    I agree, this is a despicable act, but you would think that the dog, being alive, would have realized what was happening and started running behind the truck. The person who did this is a terrible person and should have the same thing done to them, intentionally or accidentally.

    • JA

      The speed limit on this road is 45mph. I don’t know any dogs that can run 45mph. Also, the person that posted the photos said they attempted to get the truck driver to pull over but he sped off…

  • JA

    Have the investigators checked at the storage facility to see if there is any video? I’ve heard mixed reports on whether the guy has or hasn’t been located. If he hasn’t, surely the storage facility has video surveillance, and would have recorded him pulling in?

    I hope this wasn’t deliberate, but I can’t understand how someone would think it’s a good idea to tie their dog to a vehicle and then forget about the dog when driving off.

      • Yea, well the fun thing about the law...

        It’s against the law to drag an animal behind a vehicle too. Fat lot of good the law did….. laws are for honest people and people with a conscience. Punishment and prison are for those without honesty or morals.

        So let’s hope when found everyone involved, including those who know this Pile O Poo and did nothing, are charged to the full extent of the law.

  • Lana

    I see people riding their dogs in the back of trucks all the time…all it will take is a quick braking for whatever reason or swerve to knock them from the truckbed. Accidents waiting to happen…

    • okay fine, but....

      How many people with dogs riding in the truck have them also leashed to the bumper? Think about it, I’ll wait….never mind, the answer is only someone who wants to drag a dog or is clinically insane…or evil… thanks for playing, sorry no lovely parting gifts for you…

  • Tam

    can anyone tell me if this business is a storage facility? if so, what is the name of the storage facility or business? I cannot read the name on the sign on the building. thank you.

  • mamac

    It is against the law in Alabama to tie a animal to a vehicle ..So, even if this “person” did not do this intentional it is still against the law..And to the person that took this photo why didn’t you go and stop this? It might have saved the dog..So, it looks like this person done this on purpose cause this has been on the news for sometime and someone knows this truck and the person still hasn’t come forth..

    • okay fine, but....

      God isn’t dead…

      However you can molly coddle the driver…I’d kick him in the junk, with moral righteousness. And that is between me and the Lord.

  • Susan

    WHNT, you need to update your story. WAFF is reporting that this dog is not dead, but is instead recovering from superficial wounds at a Hazel Green animal hospital. Who confirmed the dog was dead as you reported? Did you not follow up on that? I’m starting to lose faith in your reporting!

    • Red

      so THAT bothers you? What about all the people here that were ready to hang this person driving the truck before they even found out what happened?

      • Susan

        There are MANY things that bother me about this incident, first and foremost being the fact that these people “forgot” their dog was tethered to their truck. Secondly, the fact that many people tried to get them to stop and were ignored. These people are irresponsible and careless with their pet and have proven this. This dog should not be returned to this home. The third issue I had with this story is that WHNT was still reporting this dog was dead for at least a day after other stations had investigated and found the dog was alive and getting treatment. I don’t understand why you can’t see any of this as being a problem and instead of discussing the issue like an adult, assuming that you are an adult anyway, you instead resort to calling everyone idiots. Are you the owner of this dog perhaps?

  • Terry Le Dactyl

    Just heard the dog is alive and at the vet.
    I blame the uneducated idiot who chained the dog to a vehicle.
    dumba$$, dumnba$$, dumba$$, dumba$$, dumba$$!!
    Who tethers a dog to the back of a truck?


    • Red

      Do uneducated people disturb you? Read all the stupid comments on this story! None of these people are educated! THAT disturbs me more than anything else. Every last one of these people were ready to hog tie and drag this person. These people are disgusting.

  • Red

    Idiots. Every last one of you. This article is updated on al.com. It WAS an accident. The dog is fine. Time to find the next thing to be outraged about and the next victim for the ignorant torch and pitchfork holding townsfolk.

    • Kathy A Dottery

      you are the idiot if you believe this was a accident .i know at all times where my beloved pets are and they would never ,ever be tied to a vehicle to begin with. this man needs to be charge for the crime he committed

  • Red

    The “average person” is a total imbecile. It can’t be more obvious to me when I read the sampling of stupid on a news blog.

    • Sue

      Maybe you should read the follow up story again! (on AL). It said the woman owns the dog and boyfriend took off without realizing she was tied to the car. The dept DOES NOT believe her. It is still under investigation. I do not believe her either. Her boyfriend could not have been that stupid- just very cruel!! Hope they prove that before he gets his hands on her dog again! I would not take up for him if she was my dog!!!

      • Branko Pezdi

        Maybe YOU should read the story on WAFF again – and comprehend it this time. The INVESTIGATOR (not the “dept”) SAID he does not believe her. So what? He can believe anything he wants or (more likely) put on the tough cop act to make her change her story. However, until and unless the investigator gets evidence to the contrary, both the woman and boyfriend are innocent. Reading the COMPLETE story on WAFF, not the incomplete, outdated and misleading WHNT story, the owners of the dog sound quite believable, much more so than the innuendo in the WHNT “report” and the hysterical comments – including yours – here.

    • Karla

      Red, since you think this is no big deal, volunteer to tie yourself to a truck and try to run 45 mph for a few miles. When it’s over and you’re in the hospital being treated for injuries, then tell me and everyone else how this is no big deal. You disgust me.

      • Sue

        Sounds like a good idea to me! He is probably the one who did this since he is taking up for the abuser!

      • JJ

        Red, check yourself. You are THE ONLY one on this feed that thinks this is okay. Obviously, you are somehow associated with this incident. I definitely agree that you should tie yourself to the back of a truck and try to run behind it while it goes 45mph. I’m sure your perception would change…. I would love to hear the outcome!

  • Jim Glennaalann

    If someone were to do this intentionally,it’s unlikely that they would have chosen a road as well traveled as this one.We’ll have to accept that we’re dealing with just some unimaginable stupidity here..

    • Sue

      If he is mean enough to do this then he does not care where it is because he thinks no one would stop him or care! CRAZY comes to mind. He probably abuses people too. There are not laws that protect animals enough especially since they cannot talk. They can only rely on caring people to help them.

  • Michael

    Sounds like an accident to me. Leashing it to a vehicle probably wasn’t the best move but I don’t think there was any ill intent. If there was the dog wouldn’t have been taken to a vet afterwards. We’ve all done dumb things, most of us were fortunate enough that it didn’t involving harming a person or animal.

  • Kathy A Dottery

    this is totally unacceptable in many ways. how do you forget you tied your pet to the bumper and drive away.the only thing he is sorry about is getting caught and he should be arrested and charged

  • Karla

    This may be a domestic violence situation, too. Ms. Hunter took the dog to the vet, not the boyfriend.

    • Sue

      That crossed my mind too. Boyfriend of the owner of the dog abuses her dog. Maybe he did that because he does the same to her. Says in the interview she was riding in the truck with him. So neither one remembered the dog was tied. What a STUPID and DANGEROUS thing to do to a dog. I do not believe her and the investigators told her they did not believe her. He needs to be charged! People trying to stop him.but he keeps going. That was done on purpose! This dog is not safe with this lowlife!

  • Alex shelley

    Has everyone forgotten that he just said the dog was already dead when he tied him to the car?? Who does that??? Thatin itself says it all. And if the police and judge can’t figure that out then all animals are in danger plus us.

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