Update: Dog in Good Condition After Dragging ‘Accident’, Case to go to Grand Jury

HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison County Sheriff’s investigators have located the driver of a truck spotted dragging a dog behind it; the truck belonged to the dog’s owner.

Sergeant Brian Chaffin said the investigation is nearing completion and will be presented to the Madison County District Attorney’s Office for further review and consideration.

The dragging incident was first reported Friday off Charity Lane in Madison County. Since then, investigators have received a number of public tips and eyewitness photographs to aid in their search for the truck involved.

A viewer photo, sent to WHNT News 19, appears to show the incident in progress.

A viewer photo sent to WHNT News 19, allegedly showing the "dog dragging" incident on Friday, March 14th.

A viewer photo sent to WHNT News 19, allegedly showing the “dog dragging” incident on Friday, March 14th.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, if authorities found the incident was intentional, they were prepared to charge the offender with aggravated animal abuse.

Sgt. Chaffin says the dog’s owners say the dog was tied to the truck to keep her from running away, but when the owner got in the truck he did not realize this. Chaffin says the owner drove about a mile down Charity Lane before he was flagged down.

WHNT News 19 initially reported the dog had died from its injuries, because based on preliminary accounts and photos, Madison County Sheriff’s Investigators said Monday morning they believed the dog to be deceased.

The dog was in fact treated by a local veterinarian for minor injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.

Chaffin says Tuesday sheriff’s investigators are conducting additional interviews with the dog’s owners and witnesses.

He says right now, there is a 50/50 chance the dog owner will be charged.


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