NW Huntsville PTAs Comment on Harrison’s, Showers’ Criticism of Superintendent, School Board

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Representatives of the Northwest Cluster of PTAs fired back at County Commissioner Bob Harrison and City Councilman Richard Showers on Monday, saying their recent comments about education are “counterproductive.”

They said the comments work against the educational progress being made in the Huntsville district, and a hindrance to students’ growth.

In the statement, Vikki Hollingsworth Moore, President of the Johnson PTSA, said she is grateful to Dr. Wardynski for the new staff he has put in place at the school.

“Dr. Wardynski has done an incredible job improving schools in north Huntsville,” Hollingsworth Moore wrote. “The new principal, Eric Jones, and his team have made my daughter’s first year at the school effortless. The teachers are amazing and they all get an A+,” Moore stated.

Chaundra Jones, PTA member, spoke on not being represented by a boisterous minority.

“A small group of disgruntled citizens and a couple of elected officials do not reflect the opinion of the entire community. Their methods are negative and do not propel our students for a successful future,” said Jones.

PTSA member Raynard Jones added, “Apparently some people are unwilling to follow the new vision for our schools. It is frustrating that some choose history over progress. I applaud Dr. Wardynski and the board for having the courage to stand for our children in the face of the negative attacks leveled by people that represent a small fraction of North Huntsville residents. I’m a proud parent of honor students in the Northwest, and I am thankful to the board and Dr. Wardynski for the tireless job they have done. Tough decisions had to be made, but the students in our district are blessed to have a board and Superintendent that put our children first.”

Carlos Mathews, president of the Northwest Cluster of PTAs, stated, “I requested information from Dr. Wardynski and the School Board regarding some important issues. The response was both factual and contained solutions. More importantly it was done in person, not in a media outlet. I was never met with arrogance or disrespect. What the community received in return for this advocacy was a change to the No Fight Policy (which eliminated zero tolerance), a higher academic standard for Huntsville City School student athletes, a decrease in unnecessary arrest of students, and school-system-level control over educator transfers. To Dr. Wardynski and the School Board I say job well done.”

County Commissioner Bob Harrison made the statements last Wednesday, March 12.  Harrison blasted Dr. Wardynski and the school board, saying he has been “disrespected.”  He said the community and elected officials have been excluded from the school rezoning debate.

Councilman Richard Showers made similar comments at the Huntsville City Council meeting on Thursday, March 13.


  • jamison jones

    what makes you think your comments reflect the feelings of the entire community? Look here, without history, we couldn’t be where we at today. There was a state of things back in the day that the likes of martin luther king died for. Wardynski, can’t just come around and disregard the progress of the civil rights movement.

  • Jason

    “They are PTA members. I received a very friendly phone call on yesterday from the JOJ PTA. As some of you know, the JOJ Alumni Association became members of Johnson’s PTA as an organization and as individual PTA members. It’s amazing how these individuals have met and will meet for only 4 TIMES in the year and I was asked if I wanted to be nominated for an office. I turned down that offer but I was so happy to finally hear from them. Now what needs to happen is to remind them and the newly elected officers about the PTSA rules. I’m also wondering if we are in VIOLATION by allowing teachers to serve as officers and/or board members. Sadly, this article has nothing at all to say about it’s large new members or have they even asked us what we think. The largest members of this PTA assembly, opposes Dr. Wardynski and the improper procedures that took place with the “Name Change”. Having your name, video or photograph in an article is another form of deceptive tactics if the large majority of the JOJ PTA members do not agree… and that large committee of PTA Members are… THE JOJ ALUMNI ASSOCIATION”

  • Eddgra Fallin

    A small,hand picked group of go alongs to get along do not reflect the views of the majority of the citizens in north Huntsville affected by the decisions being forced upon them by the elected officials who are supposed to represent them. They are certainly not an example for democracy and fairness for our children, or their hope for the future. This is a democracy, at least it used to be.

    • Branko Pezdi

      No it’s not and never has been. We are a representative republic whose citizens elect representatives to REPRESENT them, as is the case here. Don’t like your representation? Vote it out!

  • Jason

    The President or President that gave his added comment to this story is also the same handpicked individual that misrepresented the entire North West community in an illegal hand picked voting committee who also came up with the name of Mae Jemison from an individual who was only joking about it on… FACEBOOK(of all places). None of the members of that naming committee were from the North West Huntsville District. And when the Johnson High Alumni Association found out about this procedure, Mr. Carlos Matthews stated that he would allow 2 members from the Alumni association to join in on that vote. Sadly, WHNT, you have been Bamboozled on this article as you join with the residents of the North West who fell prey to these individuals on this article. To find out more, ask the J.O. Johnson Alumni Association Members as they are showing great activism along with North West community leaders Hall, Showers, Harrison and NAACP President Alice Samms. Also, this Sunday on Pulaski Pike the Huntsville community will meet on Pulaski Pike with the JOJ Association as they unfold the real truth that is actually going on in the North West and our beloved James Oliver Johnson High School.

  • Eddgra Fallin

    Branko, we’ve tried to vote them out, believe me, this is what happens when the candidate with the most money buys the most votes. Yes, we are a representative democracy, which mean elected officials are supposed to represent the people, not the other way around.

  • Shon

    I am so confuse about this community today more than ever. I grew up herein Huntsville and never iin all forty plus years I have seen this city divided into Black / White , North side/ South side , Old money/ New money. My heart is broken because I moved back home to help out with family and because its HOME I love Huntsville City. Could we please come to a common ground when we are talking about our most important leaders of the city and future leaders.

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