Northwest Huntsville Cluster of PTSA’s Responds To Commissioner Bob Harrison’s Attacks On School System

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison’s comments on Huntsville City Schools continue to ripple through the community.

On Monday, we got a response from the Northwest Huntsville Cluster of PTSA’s.

Harrison stirred the pot with remarks like, “I don`t believe in my 50-plus years have I seen such a display of arrogance, deception, deceit, such that when we talk about being together as a community, it defies everything that we are supposed to be about.”

President of the Johnson PTSA Vikki Hollingsworth says via a statement, “Dr. Wardynski has done an incredible job improving schools in North Huntsville.  The new principal, Eric Jones, and his team have made my daughter`s first year at the school effortless.”

In the same statement, PTSA Member Chaundra Jones says “A small group of disgruntled citizens and a couple of elected officials do not reflect the opinion of the entire community. Their methods are negative and do not propel our students for a successful future.”

Several other members joined the chorus against Harrison’s remarks, including President of the Northwest Cluster, Carlos Matthews.