Kids To Love: Endae

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It takes a special person to love our Kids to Love.  This week a little boy that needs a full time family.
“Hold up 6 fingers…hold up the other..” Endae’s foster father helps him show hold old he is.
Six year old Endae is a busy body!
“What’s the biggest challenge?” Lee asks.
“Biggest challenge is get him to be still”
Wallace Groce, Endae’s foster father answers.
“He’s real special, I guess you know he’s special once you really get to know him, he com-ah touch your heart in a special way.” Groce said.
Endae has serious health issues.  He’s blind in one eye and needs shots daily to control seizures.
“I remember 1st time he had a seizure on me, thought we lost him.  Really showed me how much I could love someone.” Groce said.
He and his wife have been foster/adoptive parents for more than 17 years to more than 30 kids.  Many special needs children, like Endae.
“If he ever leave, I’m gonna hate to see him leave but I know I can’t adopt him because his health. it takes so much of my time, he takes a lot more time than I want to but I know he’s special so I try do the most I can.” Groce said.
A little boy with a big heart, big smile and big dream of adoption.
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