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Congressional Candidate Questions Schools’ Literature Choice

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – Alabama State Senator Scott Beason, (R) of Gardendale, says claims by former Sen. Joe McCarthy might have been on the mark when it comes to what our children read in school, specifically “The Crucible,” according to our news partners

McCarthy made an effort to get rid of communists in an investigation of individuals within the Senate back in the 1950’s. The investigations became such a big deal that fear of communism became known as McCarthyism at the time. Beason draws the same lines between McCarthy’s investigations to the Salem witch hunts. He says specifically that he thinks “The Crucible” is unfit for Alabama high school students because a sidebar in a textbook goes into the parallels between Arthur Millers work and the Red Scare. “The Crucible” is included in the high school literature text book “American Experience 1900 to Present.”

Others join Beason, a candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 6th District, in his fight against Common Core standards for Alabama students. He claims Common Core attempts to infuse students’ minds with socialism. He believes Alabama should follow a curriculum that emphasizes traditional conservative values.

Beason sponsored a bill in the Alabama Legislature that would rearrange the standards for state schools.

“The Crucible” is not the only piece Beason has issues with in the textbook. Naturalist John Muir, poet Randall Jarrell and author Tim O’Brien are also on his list of inappropriate inclusions.

Other supporters of the repeal of Common Core standards claim “To Kill a Mockingbird” is another work that needs to be taken our of Alabama schools’ curriculum, even though Harper Lee is from Monroeville, Ala.

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  • Sparked

    These books are on a suggested reading list. Nothing says they have to be read. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was on the suggested reading list moons ago.
    It is very little difference in these standards than what we were taught in the 80’s. Just the way their teaching it has changed.

  • loopner

    I think Beason is on a slippery slope! To claim “Common Core attempts to infuse students’ minds with socialism” and then want to blacklist books is absurd. I don’t support Common Core, I think the Math is ridiculous, but let’s stay intelligent about this.

  • Leah Powell

    I think that politicians have no right to try to influence what is taught in our schools. None of the ones I see trying have a degree in education. They have no idea what children need to learn. They are only trying to bring in more votes. And, unfortunately, there will be parents jump on this wagon, because they think their children don’t need much of an education, either. I don’t understand at all why this man thinks “The Crucible”, and “To Kill a Mockingbird” should be banned, except maybe he read them, and didn’t understand them. Maybe someone had to tell him how to pronounce ‘crucible’….

  • R. Sutton

    Politicians have been sneaking into our school systems for years, it’s nothing new, just some have chosen to believe since they’re on the “PTA” it’s all about what the schools and parents want!! HA!! You’ve been fooled! My children will never attend a public school. Politicians have taken God out of school, how about we must accept all beliefs and not mock their beliefs but yet we cannot freely speak of a The One and Only God whom this country was built on. Or sex education in 2nd Grade….Seriously!! What about “if your child feels that he/she is more of a she/he, the school does not have to tell the parents.” Wake up people….find the documentary “Indoctrination” can be found on the ACE School of Tomorrow website…this will prove just how much Your politicians and government run Your Schools!!!

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