Accident Damages Bus Carrying Huntsville Choir Students Home from New York

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(WHNT) – Huntsville Middle School choir students had a frightening experience on the road back from New York City Monday.

The students were riding back from a choir concert, when their bus got in a wreck near Knoxville.

A spokesman for the school district says a car crossed a median into oncoming traffic, causing an 18-wheeler in front of the bus to jack-knife.

The bus tried to avoid the accident, but scraped the side of the truck.

"By last night I was just exhausted - the whole family was," says dad Keith Parker whose son and daughter, 13 and 14, were on two of the busses.

"I got a call from my wife and she had gotten a text from my son who was on the first bus and he was just scared out of his mind."

Parker says when a vehicle began crossing the median into oncoming traffic, the driver of the first bus acted quickly.

"That bus driver sped up as he saw the car coming over into their lane and was able to avoid hitting anything," Parker recounts.

In the mix with three buses toting more than 80 students, says Parker, add a 18 wheeler carrying a load of granite.

"Somehow the second bus got clipped, I think by the granite truck, and it broke out a window."

Parker says a female student sitting in the seat where the bus window was broken out had gotten up just minutes before the accident to move to the other side of the bus.

Parker says he wishes he could thank bus drivers for their forethought and quick thinking.

"Those guys should be sainted," laughed Parker, "I mean they really should - just a half-inch or  inch difference here or there and it could have been horrible."

The best news, all of the students and passengers are fine. The good news: Huntsville Middle Choir students won first place in their competition division.


    • Honeyfern54

      The choir and school paid for it.
      No, it was not noneducational.
      We had a fun time and learned many facts about the world, going into museums, etc.

    • Wake Up

      I would like to see the education budget fund things like the choir and other academic events (chess, quiz-bowl teams, spelling bees, etc). It is the sporting events that should not be funded with tax money. Those things should be fully paid for by fund raisers!

  • baby2014

    The parents, they do lots of fundraisers for these events. don’t worry it is not coming out of YOUR pocket!

  • Honeyfern54

    I’m from the school, I was behind the girl who had moved to the side of the bus, and I can confirm these events.
    The bus driver calmly pulled over once we were hit, and for that he is a miracle worker, because we were all screaming and panicking.
    Some of the students, including me, saw the crash happen. The window that was hit was also connected to my seat, but I was not sitting there, I had jumped out just in time. (Thank the lord for energy drinks)
    A girl though, was sitting by the walkway, had a big fright, she was closest to getting hit.
    Yes, no one was injured.
    Still, it was a fun trip and the wreck did not effect our fun memories from the trip.

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