Six People Hospitalized After Ardmore Wreck

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ARDMORE, Ala. (WHNT)-  Six people had to be taken to the hospital, one of them by helicopter, after an accident Saturday morning in Ardmore.

The accident happened on Alabama Highway 53 just south of Ardmore near the intersection with Pine Dale Road.

According to Alabama State Troopers, a car heading north turned in front of a southbound vehicle.

An 8-year-old boy had to be flown to Huntsville Hospital. Five others were transported by ambulance.

There was no word as of Saturday night on their conditions.


  • Johnny Rychuss

    I live on HW 53 and people are always trying to pass when you pull out on the road. This road is full of idiots who do not need licenses. They drive 20 mph over the speed limit and don’t pay any attention to the road.

    • Fed Up

      Johnny since you say you live on 53 and people are always passing you when you pull out I have to ask if you are the idiot who drives the white mini an with the handicapped tag. I drive 53 every single day to go to Huntsville and the same idiot in the white can never fails to pull out in front of me and then proceed to go 10 miles under the speed limit. I have just started to pass them because I refuse to follow them all the way to Huntsville again. Sorry if you’re not but your statement confused me and automatically made me think of the think of that damn minivan. If you’re pulling out on 53 there should be no one behind you TO pass you unless you’re pulling out in front of someone? Although I completely agree there are a huge number of speeders on 53 -speed limit is 55 I always go 57-60 they pass like I am sitting still – but the idiots who pull out in front of people and go 5-10 miles under the speed limit are just as bad. Never fails that I have multiple people pull out in front of me every day so this wreck doesn’t surprise me at all, just another idiot who decided to pull out on front of someone. 53 has tons of side roads off it, people have got to learn a little patience and wait until there’s no one coming to pull onto the highway. And if you DO screw up and pull out in front of someone at least put your foot on the gas and drive like a normal person. Must be a law that if someone pulls out in front of traffic they have to drive under the speed limit … I guess of they were good drivers they wouldn’t pull out in front of someone to begin with!

      • sandra dugger

        Dear Fed Up
        You have the nerve to call my sister an idiot. It is people like you that cause accidents. You have no business going 60 mph down 53. If you knew the situation maybe you would understand. Please get the facts before you start calling names. Maybe YOU are the one that needs to learn a little PATIENCE.

  • Cwalker

    We live in Nashville and were heading to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville when we came upon this wreck. My GPS took me down this hwy but I will take 65 to 565 next time. That highway is DANGEROUS! Tons o intersections with high speed traffic. Prayers for all involved.

  • J. W.

    7 year old brother had surgery and went home Sunday ! Doing great !
    8 year old is progressing very well, will go home soon. Hope all involved are doing well.

  • Brittany Strong

    I lived in Ardmore pretty much my whole life. Now I love in Huntsville and u still have to drive 53 at least twice a week. I go the speed limit and I still have ppl passing me. There have been plenty of times when they cross the road instead of waiting 10 seconds. Please be careful when driving, if you very in a hurry, leave early. Glad to know the little boy is doing better, we passed this wreck and have been worried about everyone.

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