Decatur Police Shoot, Kill Vicious Dog

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Harrowing moments in an otherwise quiet Decatur neighborhood ended with gunfire. Decatur Police called to a home because of a vicious dog this morning. When they arrived, the animal seemed calm enough, but suddenly it attacked and police were forced to shoot.

Wanda Garner was walking to her sisters house when up the street a dog began to bark and move in her direction.

“I was trying to get up the street and he ran me onto the people’s porch right here and was barking and I called the police to come out,” Garner told WHNT News 19.

Paul Whisman says the dog had been in the neighborhood for several days but says he doesn’t know where it came from.

“Yeah, we were playing with it yesterday, petting it yesterday like it was no big deal, just come up on the porch and tried to come up in the house. We took it outside and no bark, no growl, no nothing, so we were like ok, cool, it’s a cool dog,” Whisman said.

By the time police arrived, the dog was calm and being petted, but suddenly things changed.

“And the dog was out here, came across the street and letting them pet him and when I got ready to leave, he tried to attack the guy and the police ended up shooting him and killing him,” Garner said.

A single shot brought the animal down. Whisman says he was shaken but not injured.

“I was telling the cop if it was me and it was someone else and if I’d had a gun, I’d have shot the dog, too,” Whisman said.

Animal control officers say they had received several calls about strays in the area and had been trying to find the dog. Everyone seemed relieved the animal was stopped before anyone got hurt.

The incident took place near the intersection of Second Street and Third Avenue on Decatur’s Southwest side. The officer who reacted and stopped the animal is a two-year veteran of the department.


  • Jenn

    They should have tried to do more before shooting the poor animal. People always want to dramatize everything. That’s one of the many reason I love animals and hate people.

    • rob

      Poor animal! If a dog came and tried to attack me I would do the same thing. If you a dog owner keep your dog on a leash

    • Sandra Gray

      Jenn, it seems as though the dog was acting irrationally; I would not want to be walking any one of my 3 shelties & come upon this situation. Whether it be another human, a child or my child (sheltie) on a leash, it is the same. They – we – are obeying the laws, the person who owns the dog is not.

  • Karinttt

    While the dog seemed good at some points, he was given to suddenly attack. What if that had been a child or someone without a gun and able to protect themselves? He’d already chased these people up on a porch. Sounds to me like the dog might have had some mental problems. There’s enough drama in being attacked by a dog. What more could be done? Allow him to bite your face.leg or arm off? If this is the reason you love animals and the reason you “hate” people, you have some serious mental and emotional issues that should be addressed by a professional. It’s sad that it happened. If anyone’s to blame, it’s the owner of the dog.

  • Yeah okay

    Dogs bark. It doesn’t mean they are going to attack. This is just an excuse for acting with cruelty. Shame on the sorry excuses for people that call themselves police men in Decatur.

    • Beth

      DPD are responsible, I am certain that they didnt go out there with the intention of killing the dog. The dogs owner should be ashamed, for #1 putting the dog in that situation, if they had done the right thing the dog would have been kept inside a fence or the house. #2 the officer has a family to take care of and a responsibility to the first before a dog, if the dog would have bitten him it would have put him out of work for weeks or even months. what about the officers family?? So shame on you “the dogs owner” for not doing right by the dog. and shame on ALL OF YOU who just try to blame the police for everything!
      And good job OFFICER.. Some of us without our head in the clouds, understands!!

  • short

    I petted the dog and it was so sweet …
    not to mention what made it worse it was a
    older pit bull so automatically that woman was
    scared and i dont know why they would trip out…
    that dog wouldnt have not tried to hurt anyone
    but yes it felt thretned im sure cause the police

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