Tanner Soccer Players Have a Giving Spirit

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – From time to time, we hear from our viewers who want us to bring them some good news. Here’s one for you. It’s a story about some young ladies who through an unselfish act have touched the hearts of people just like one of their classmates did.

The Lady Rattlers of Tanner High School’s varsity soccer team set a goal to raise enough money to buy new uniforms and some equipment. Somebody came up with the idea of getting several of their teachers to agree to kiss a pig. Two teachers, Pam Pepper and Eric McGee, did just that. So did assistant principal Angela Schiff.

The girls had raised $138. But almost two weeks ago, they decided someone else needed the money more than they needed new uniforms. Eighth grade student Katelin Northup told us, “She was really special to the entire school.” Katelin is talking about a senior who passed away almost two weeks ago.

When Katelin, who plays varsity soccer, and her teammates found out their classmate’s family was raising money to help pay bills including funeral expenses, there was only thing to do. “We decided instead to give it to help her family,” Katelin told us.

The faculty and staff at Tanner also pitched in and gave the family a total of $500. Angela Schiff added, “They did this on their own and I think it’s wonderful especially because they didn’t want to be selfish. They wanted to help somebody else in need, someone who needed money more than them.”

The girls are still hoping to get those new uniforms. They’ve started their fundraising efforts again, from scratch. If you’d like to help, you can contact me at jerry.hayes@whnt.com and I’ll put you in touch with them.


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