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2 Killed, Several Hurt as Drunk Driver Plows Through Crowd at South by Southwest Festival

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AUSTIN, Tex. (CBS News) - A driver suspected of being drunk is facing murder and aggravated assault charges.

Police say the driver struck people outside the South by Southwest festival. Two people were killed.

Injured people littered a street in Austin after a suspected drunk driver plowed through a crowd at the festival.

"All of a sudden this car came driving through, hit like 10 people," one witness said.

"I just remember seeing people bouncing off the street," another person recalled.

Police were chasing the suspect when he drove through barricades and into a crowd outside a nightclub. Almost two dozen people were hurt, several critically.

The driver kept going, hitting a moped. The couple riding on it were killed. The chase ended when the suspect slammed into a taxi.

"The suspect then exited the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. The officer was then able to overtake him on foot and forced to taze him to take him into custody," said Art Acevedo, Austin's Police Chief.

The police chief says his officers had just cleared the street which likely prevented even more injuries.

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    When was the last time you heard of this type of thing happening after someone smokes marijuana? Answer: never!

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