Scholarship Group Offers Money to Help Students Move from Failing Schools

(WHNT) – Leaders with a scholarship group held a meeting with area private schools today. They’re trying to get them signed up with the Department of Revenue so they can give scholarships under The Alabama Accountability Act.

The scholarships help students from failing schools get the money needed to attend private institutions.

This particular scholarship group gives their money on a first come, first served basis. You just have to attend a failing school and meet income requirements similar to those for free or reduced lunch.

Click here to apply for the scholarship.

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  • Skillpot

    It is one thing to give money, but to me, the best thing to do is address the issue causing the failing problems, correct it, then move forward!

  • Wake Up

    If you are a teacher at a public school you better try to get a position at a private school. If you can not do that you better retrain for a different profession. The Republicans in the state are doing a very good job working to make public schools a thing of the past. The way people vote around here, they will have many more years in power to complete their mission!

  • screw aarp

    where you get your data ,for your statement about, republicans wanting to make public schools a thing of the past. or is this some of your far left thinking. prove your statement are go hide AGAIN!

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