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Looking for a Deal? Huntsville City Schools Auctions Off Used School Property

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Looking for a great deal and some deep discounts? Huntsville City Schools is holding an online auction on used property the school system no longer needs.

"For this current year, starting on October 1, 2013, we've made 50,000 dollars in auction money. That goes back to the school district," said Huntsville City Schools asset management coordinator Lontrell Harris.

Harris works to keep track of district-wide inventory and identifies items that are no longer needed.

"They're fully functional.  They're just not what we want to use in our school system anymore as we update the furniture that's in them," said Harris.

You can find all property up for auction at You can find things such as furniture, tools, audio visual equipment, and appliances. The money from every item bought goes directly toward helping Huntsville find replacements.

The district holds the online auctions monthly and the current auction runs this week until Wednesday.


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