Catch “Godspell” at Huntsville High School’s Panther Theater


Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew, "Godspell" boasts a string of well-loved songs, led by the international hit, "Day By Day”, and through such songs as "All Good Gifts," and "By My Side," the parables of Jesus Christ come humanly and passionately to life.   

Drawing from various theatrical traditions, such as clowning, pantomime, charades, acrobatics and vaudeville, "Godspell" is a groundbreaking and unique reflection on the life of Jesus, with a message of kindness, tolerance and love.

See the Huntsville High School production of Godspell now through Saturday, March 15th. 

Tickets are on sale at Southerland Station and online at

Contact Sarah Chappell for tickets at (256) 883-4589 



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