Man and Woman Shot in Decatur, Ruled an Accident

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Decatur Police have ruled an early morning shooting as accidental.

Police responded to a shooting at 112 George Drive around 11:15 Sunday morning.

Police say 24-year-old Jeff David Massey and his girlfriend, 41-year-old Tammy Lynn Harris, were living in a homemade shed behind the residence where Massey was cleaning a pistol. Officials told WHNT News 19 the pistol went off and shot Massey in the hand. The bullet also struck Harris in the leg.

Both were taken to Decatur Morgan Hospital with non life-threatening injured then later released.

Decatur Police have ruled the shooting as an accident.

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  • Red

    Another justified self-defense use of a gun by a patriotic American against the forces of thugery and lawlessness… a good guy with a gun… ooops. Sorry yall. That was an accident. I’m glad nobody is DEAD. I have rights though, as you know.

  • Judgmental

    Things that alert my ‘red flag’ senses:

    #1 – A bf or gf twice your age.
    #2 – Living in a homemade shed.
    #3 – Living in a homemade shed BEHIND a residence.
    #4 – Cleaning a LOADED gun.


  • Wake Up

    These are the types of people that the Republicans want to have the freedom to run around armed at all times!

  • christine

    well seems t me the guy is stupid and oblivious which unfortently gives guns a bad rep and i mean really stupid but i get the pros and cons of a situation like this the rep just want the guns to be a safety messure for ppl and if u ppl have forgotten it is a god given right to have one if we o chose but let it being a learning point always always ALWAYS check the gun to make sure it isnt loaded

  • jeff massey

    here was two weapons, a hi-point 9mm and a hi-point .380. the two look very similar and he placed the .380 slide on the 9mm frame. after assembling the weapon, he replaced the clip and racked a round. this is when he realized his mistake. turning the pistol upside down to eject the round, as soon as he pulled on the slide, the firing pin released and the gun discharged. it was an honest mistake as he didnt even think the slides of the two weapons would fit the other weapon.

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