Construction Begins on Old Madison Pike, Expected to Take 15 Months

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Get ready for the long haul. That was the general consensus at a news conference on Saturday.  However, city officials told WHNT News 19 that the next major phase of road improvements to Old Madison Pike will be worth the wait.

The construction began Monday, March 10, effectively closing more than a half-mile section of the road for the next 15 months. Motorists will be asked to use detour routes in the area until construction is complete.

The $5.15 million project encompasses work from Jan Davis Drive to Slaughter Road and includes a new four-lane roadway, bridges, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and a new greenway parking area. The project is funded through $3 million in federal dollars, $377,000 in state monies and $1.76 million from the City of Huntsville.

"These improvements not only help traffic flow, they will also greatly improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians," said Mayor Tommy Battle. "This has been a dangerous section of road for many years because of its sharp curves and narrow bridges. The new road will eliminate those hazards.”

Old Madison Pike is one of Huntsville’s most highly traveled roads because of its proximity to Cummings Research Park and Bridge Street. The roadway also serves as a primary corridor for Madison residents who work in Research Park and on Redstone Arsenal.

“These improvements will provide much-needed relief for our citizens traveling to and from Madison and Huntsville,” said Madison Mayor Troy Trulock. “We are pleased to see work get under way, and we encourage all motorists to exercise patience and caution until the project is complete.”

Detour routes will be in place on Monday to direct motorists to travel Slaughter Road to Madison Boulevard to Governor’s West. To access CRP, drivers may also use Slaughter Road to Farrow Road to Explorer Boulevard. Access for local traffic will be maintained at all times with the exception of the Madison Academy entrance along Old Madison Pike and the Indian Creek Greenway Parking area.

Reed Contracting will perform the work. The roadway is anticipated to reopen by June 2015.

Old Madison Pike Fast Facts:

  •       Approximately 3,000 feet of roadway improvements
  •       4-lane roadway from Jan Davis Drive to Slaughter Road
  •       Two new bridges, approximately 400 feet in length consisting of decorative railing elevated above the flood zone. New bridges will be 8-10 feet higher than the current bridge elevation.
  •       5-foot wide concrete sidewalk on the north side
  •       4-foot wide asphalt bike lanes adjacent to the roadway on both sides
  •       New greenway parking area on north side of Old Madison Pike, east of Indian Cree


  • Sammy

    The majority of the funding is coming from the federal government — the same federal spending that the tea party hates so much! If you vote tea party you are voting against projects like this!!

    • Chris Tomlin

      Sammy, this is federal spending exactly as it should be, tax money taken for road projects that benefit EVERYBODY.
      It’s when money is taxed away from the people who earned it and simply handed out to people who didn’t that those concerned about government waste get fired up.
      Ask any knowledgeable libertarian or “tea party” member. This is the kind of project our tax money SHOULD be collected to pay for.

  • ariel

    what a waste a park lot for greenway? and bicycle lanes???? PEOPLE QUIT RIDING YOUR BIKE ON THE ROAD ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID? do you really need everyone to stare at you to ride your bike? im so sick of seeing bicyclist on the roads especially when tax money is being spent on trails after trails and they still walk and ride bikes in the road! i hate madison and all the brain dead people that live there

    • Sammy

      Rusty, would the tea party even want a gas tax. From what I know about the tea party that would be a tax that they would abolish. They are benefiting from a tax that they would kill!

      • Rusty Boudreaux

        I suggest you do more research. The Tea Party isn’t anti-government or anti-tax. They support a limited and effective government that spends no more than it collects. You know just like we have to do. How do you suggest we pay for the coming $100 trillion in federal debt?

      • Sammy

        Rusty, I did as you suggested. Everything I found said that they are anti-tax and want limited government spending. They want the return of government as intended by the Founding Fathers. I do not see anything in the U.S. Constitution that would support a gas tax. Nothing in the Madison Papers supports a gas tax. I even found one place that said the the name TEA party stands for Taxed Enough Already!

      • Sammy

        Rusty, anyone that has a mortgage, car payment, and a little credit card debt is doing what the government does. I do not know what you are talking about when you say the government should spend no more than they take in, you know, just like we have to do?

      • Rusty Boudreaux

        Government spending is not like a mortgage or other consumer debt. Consumers pay that debt off over time. The federal government is in debt over $17 trillion, ADDS hundreds of billions to that debt every year, and has $100+ trillion of unfunded liabilities that must be paid.

        The federal debt alone is over $50,000 for ever man, woman, and child in the USA. If you have a family of four your ‘share’ of the federal debt is $200,000. Do you pay your share of federal taxes?

        Disagree with the Tea Party – OK, fine. But do you have a credible plan to pay off this ever increasing debt AND the yearly growth of government spending?

      • Sammy

        Rusty, your numbers sound large only because the government is bigger than a family. The process is the same. The majority of people never pay off their mortgage. They sell the asset and buy another, finance that one, and start again. The same with credit card debt. They pay for a awhile, than they “raise their debt ceiling” by getting a higher credit line or another credit card A very majority of people will die with debt that is never paid off. The Average American finance their life just like the government!

        You will not like my plan. It involves more taxes and the cutting of tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. Like the typical family, when you need more money you look for more revenues.

  • ariel

    well, everyone pays tax money on everything and when you work you pay a ton. and what do we get in return? next too nothing. i agree the bridge needed to be replaced but all that other stuff, no. not unless youre one of the pretentious douches that cant ride their bike or walk their dog in THEIR own neighborhood because they need everyone to watch them while they do it

  • Neal Haralson

    15 months is the target – I have yet to see a project finished anywhere near it’s targeted completion date. This was a poorly designed plan in my opinion – we have some of the greatest engineers in the nation and they couldn’t float building a split lane to accommodate traffic flow? Think of it this way – it will take an average of an extra 15-20 minutes per direction of traffic if you normally use this route – that is an extra 2.5 hours a week spent sitting in traffic! Way to impact that quality of life there. As for folks complaining about bicyclists, I say get over yourself – bicycles have EVERY bit as much a RIGHT to use the roads. You don’t like it? Tough – get over it because it isn’t going to change – stay on the freeway where pedestrian traffic isn’t allowed.

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