Shaken, Bruised, Father And Son Okay After Fall From Cliff

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EVA, Ala. (WHNT) - Wednesday night, we feared the worst. The news came out of Eva. A 4-year-old boy and his dad had both fallen from a 50-foot cliff, and rescuers were trying to make their way to them. Now father and son are at home. They are tired and sore, but they are okay. Both survived their brush with death with only minor injuries.

Jeremy Hudgins says it all happened so fast.

"When she went to let me in the house because the front door was locked, he took off out the back door running, laughing, giggling like kids do," Hudgins told WHNT News 19. He continued, "By the time I saw where he was, he was halfway across the back yard. I took off running after him, and as soon as he hit, he run this way, when he hit the edge of the hill here I saw him start to slide and I got down to the hill and saw him go off. I was within inches of him, I actually touched him before he went off but I couldn't grab him."

Four-year-old Joseph had fallen 50 feet, hitting tree limbs and branches, and landing thankfully in a soft pile of leaves. His father, trying to climb down to him, fell and sustained a concussion and bruised ribs.

"There is no way to describe that. It's a parent's worst nightmare, knowing your child is injured and you see it before it happens and there's nothing you can do."

Literally dozens of rescuers rushed to the scene. Little Joseph was flown to Huntsville Hospital, his father taken by ambulance. Both were treated and released with only minor injuries. Jeremy says the incident has brought him closer to his faith. He's grateful for the many who rushed to their aide.

"They're my heroes. If I could, I'd hug every last one of them," Hudgins said.

We've heard it said that love is an intangible item, that it can neither be seen nor measured. We tend to disagree as we saw Hudgins hug his son.

By the way, Hudgins says he plans to put up a fence across his backyard to keep others away from the edge of the bluff.


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