Rusty Ice Bins, Dirty Utensils

Didn't Cut the Mustard:

Express 99 at 18020 Highway 99 in Athens: Score of 68

  • Lack of date marking.
  • Rusty ice maker.
  • Potentially hazardous food items in warmer.
  • Opened drink in sandwich cooler.

Canebrake Club (The Grille) 23015 Founders Circle in Athens: Score of 80

  • Lack of date marking.
  • Drink nozzles and meat slicer need cleaning.
  • Cups in improper location.

Repeat Offender: Greenbrier Restaurant at 27028 Old Highway 20 in Madison: Score of 74

  • Ice maker needs cleaning.
  • Dirty bins and utensils stored as clean.
  • Cheese 54, Ham 55, Chicken 57, Ribs 54.
  • Hamburgers 120F.
  • Damaged lids & bins.

Golden Spoon:

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches at 975 Airport Rd in Huntsville: Score of 99

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