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Man Charged With Murder In Wreck That Killed Boaz Woman

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Brandon Roach (Photo: Etowah County Jail)

Brandon Roach (Photo: Etowah County Jail)

ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A man was rushed to UAB hospital following a wreck Monday evening that killed a Boaz woman. Now, that man is in jail, charged with murder.

Brandon Roach, also of Boaz, was arrested Wednesday by Alabama State Troopers. He was booked in the Etowah County Jail on $50,000 bond.

Troopers say Roach, 25, was driving a vehicle that left Sand Valley Road, 10 miles west of Attalla around 6 p.m. Monday. The passenger, Joanie Amanda Patterson, died. The vehicle left the road and hit an embankment.

Patterson was 24 years old.

Troopers say their preliminary investigation shows alcohol may have been a factor. Neither person was wearing a seat belt.


  • Jimmy Patterson, brother

    One fact missing is he is a repeat DUI offender and took keys from my sister and as she got in the vehicle to get the keys back he drove off. My family will enforce and encourage max time to be served for the life he took

  • sara mcallen

    My heart goes out to joanies family. i understand completely of the hurt and pain there is to loose someone you love. my heart also goes out to brandons family and brandon for i know he made a very bad choice but i also know he will have to live with the guilt, shame all his life and more. i fo know he and joanie loved each other. for i know that brandon seemned to have a problem with drinking ( which is a sickness) joanie still loved brandon and all his faults. just like god loves us and all his thoughts. i just pray and hope no one lets there feeling over rule there logical thinking and all the facts will be presented. i am very sorry for all that has happened joanie was a nice wonderful women who loved animals and others. she was a nice person. know she an angel in gods arms. rest in peace

  • Jimmy Patterson, brother

    When you bury your little sister and it’s due to a petty decision then please by all means contact me! My little sister was not even able to have a open casket. People like you should just keep your opinion to your self. If you lnew her so well you know she’d never hurt anything or anyone. He can live with the guilt& shame. But my sister is gone. Never to marry , have kids or live a life of her own.

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