Madison Police Charge Man With Sexual Abuse

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Michael Ray Effinger (Photo: Madison Police Dept.)

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison Police have charged a man with sexual abuse.

Michael Ray Effinger, 43, was arrested Thursday and booked in the Madison County Metro Jail. He has posted his $15,000 bond.

Police say the investigation started after the victim, a female juvenile, talked with authorities.

Police did not release further details, saying the investigation is still ongoing.


  • Greg Riggins

    Some interesting facts not being reported are: Michael Ray Effinger and his wife divorced a little over a year ago and it was not pleasant. The only time his daughters came to church was when they were with their dad (Michael Ray Effinger). Another interesting fact is that the mother works as a counselor at the child advocacy center.

    • More interesting facts

      Divorce is never pleasant. Custody was not an issue until now. DHR & CAC would never file a case that didn’t have enough supporting evidence. The ex-wife does not work for them. The ex-wife is not affiliated with any part of that system. The ex-wife does not attend the same church. Please check your “interesting facts.” Just because you attend church, does not mean you are not a sinner. He lives in us and it is up to us to let him live through us! As far as I know, God doesn’t rent buidlings.

      • Educate Yourself

        Do Social Worker Lie…of course they do…and not just omissions…flat out lies. According to an Upheld FEB’2013 Appeal filed by Patricia Meagher Madison County DHR CA/N Social Worker / Alabama Personnel Board Case #13-08-AHH (Public Record), Lied in Placement hearings, advised employees to lie to Judges to get children placed in foster care and to withhold information in those placement hearings. When the other (good) social workers would question her she would threaten to write them up. This was allowed to go on for years. Raciest behaviors are listed as other reasons for dismissal. Patty Meagher was a supervisor. Her dismissal was upheld. As I say…public document at the Alabama State Personnel Board.

        Here is something that would be interesting to research. Another employee that recently went missing in the DHR CA/N world around May of last year, Kristen L Moran, shows up on the Harvey Knotts case court records as the investigator. Remember that case.. 4th Grade School Teacher Abuses 10 Students? It was huge case, oh the humanity, Story after story detailing every detail of the case, posted by the 3 stations here in HSV up until June’2013, then just silence. Then one little blog on AL DOT COM about the disposition of that case. It was NO BILLED by a grand jury. Huh? You supposedly have 10 abuse allegations against a guy and then it was No Billed. For those of you that don’t know the grand jury process. A defense is NOT presented at a Grand jury only the Allegations. It is used to see if there is enough evidence to go to trial…and there wasn’t. What’s the deal.

        Commentors that want to say that DHR and NCAC never file a case without evidence are just uninformed or flat out ignorant. They ALWAYS file cases without enough evidence because there only required to have a preponderance (50% probability that it occurred), Placement Hearings require Clear and Convincing (70% that it occurred), and Criminal Cases require Beyond Reasonable Doubt (99% that it occurred). So you see DHR has such low standards that they can indicate ANYONE at the drop of the hat and hand it off to the court system and wash their hands of it. And they will NEVER face oversight because it is all done behind a confidential curtain.

        Educate yourself people!

      • More Interesting Facts

        Dear Educate Yourself,

        Having enough evidence to file is much different than having enough evidence to convict. Someone must go to them with information, then the investigation starts. They can’t just randomly pick someone and file charges. We may never know the full extent. If any one lies in any legal matter, it’s just wrong and they should answer for their lies. The facts need to come out before ANYONE places judgement on any person involved. Just because someone lied in a case that sounds very close to your heart, doesn’t mean that all social workers are liars. There are good people still in this world. Thank you for the information you provided. Maybe that will make the system dot their i’s and cross their t’s. I have no room in my life for anyone who lies.

      • sammy

        Educate yourself, I was on a grand jury, where a DHR employee .lied about a case,and was caught in the lie, by the grand jury,and then tryed to change her story.

  • jamison jones

    Just like the guy who works for the department of transportation, they are always like him. unassuming, ‘good members of the community,’ they donate everywhere they get an opportunity to. They are the so called ‘well meaning’ members of society but beneath it all is a sexual deviant scouring his hunting ground.

  • preacher

    “This whole society is rotten and godless. The wrath of God is upon America. Mark my word: if God’s Word be true, this nation is headed for the dust.” —Pastor Tom Malone (1971)

  • Facts

    Divorce was a lot more than a year ago! Since when is a divorce nice! And she does not work for the center as a counselor! And there is a lot of churches in North Alabama she doesn’t have to take them to the same one that he goes to, if he does! Prayers for the children! They are who matter!

  • harold

    The mother is a WACO! . Anyone stands in her way, she will have others turn against them. If it was a custody battle in play, I would not put something like this past her to keep her children. Investigators should really take a look at the whole situation and look “outside the box”. Can we say a few screws loose???

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