Madison County School Board Passes Resolution Opposing Anti-Common Core Legislation

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Common Core opponents are ramping up their efforts to repeal or undercut the controversial curriculum.

The educational standards have gained widespread support from leaders in education. Thursday, the Madison County Board of Education took yet another step to back up Common Core.

In a nearly unanimous vote, the Madison County Board of Education sent a message loud and clear: they do not endorse any legislative efforts to undermine Common Core standards.

Madison City Schools passed a similar resolution last month.

"We strongly believe in the college and career standards and common core," said Superintendent David Copeland.

The resolution declares the district's opposition to any state House or Senate bills aimed at weakening or repealing Common Core standards.

Of particular note was SB380, a bill aiming to repeal the standards.

Standards that Copeland says set the bar higher than they were before.

"They set a very rigorous and good academic base for our students," said Copeland.

The superintendent has already seen improvement in test scores, AP participation, and graduation rates since just last year.

Madison and Huntsville city school district leaders have made similar claims.

Still, protests continue across the state, and some parents are making moves to remove their children from public schools.

But Copeland says the criticisms have yet to reach his desk.

"I know not everyone perhaps agrees with it, but I have not received pressure whatsoever," said Copeland. "All conversations I've been involved in have been in support of Common Core."


  • Madison County Parent

    All of the members of the County School Board need to be replaced. Starting with David Copeland.

  • Tim

    Copeland should be out of that office and replaced in the election. They complain about education and then follow a stupid government controlled program to teach our children. Just look at the governments track record, they have yet to run any program successfully so why should we think they are correct here.

  • JA

    Thanks for standing up for Common Core. As someone that ended up here from another state, having to deal with a sub-standard class selection, forcing me to take lower level math and science due to lack of advanced classes, I’m glad to see Alabama attempting to move from its 47th-in-the-country rank.

    • Kathy

      My son graduated in 2002 and there were always advanced classes he could take in all core subjects even then. Common core is not the answer we need. This program actually is going to uneducate our children. You want to see some of the reading they want 11th graders to read go read The Bluest Eyes or googe it and see why peole don’t want their children to read about pedifiles and child molesters in such graphic detail. And this is just one example.

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