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Elk River Cleanup

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With spring right around the corner, many nature lovers are just itching to get outside and get on the water.  Several of those waterways in the valley are in bad shape after the long winter.  Keep Athens – Limestone Beautiful is putting out a call for volunteers to clean up Elk River this weekend.

“This river belongs to everyone and it’s beautiful until you look close and what you see can be disgusting.”   Lynne Hart is the Executive Coordinator of Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful

The Elk River is full of trash.

“Most people think that it’s fisherman and boaters that cause this problem but the truth is 90% of all trash that  ends up in our river starts out on land.” Hart said.

This weekend volunteers will head to the Elk River by canoe, kayak, and along the banks to clean up and recycle all the trash.

“The majority of what you see is going to be glass and plastic that has floated down the river and got caught in slews and on logs that are caught in the river.  Probably 80% of what we pull out of the river Saturday will be recyclable.” Hart said.

So wear your boots, bring your gloves and get ready to pick up!

“We’re all responsible for this beautiful part of our county.” Hart said.

Keep Athens / Limestone County Beautiful are having a little fun with the trash pick-up.  A contest for the person who guesses the how many pounds of trash will be taken out of the river by volunteers this weekend – the person who guesses the closest will win $50.

Click here to get your guesses in!