Lawrence County Investigates Suspicious Death Of Trinity Woman

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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) - A death investigation is underway in Lawrence County tonight. A Trinity woman was found shot to death early Monday morning. Investigators say they will take their time if necessary to make certain they get all the facts in the case.

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell tells us 50 year old Angela Kay Jones, of Trinity, apparently died Sunday night of a single gun shot wound. Her body was discovered the next morning. Sheriff Mitchell says the gun believed to have killed her was discovered nearby. It's been sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science for ballistics testing.

Sheriff Mitchell says they are also awaiting autopsy results, but he says that is not hampering their investigation.

"We are going to work it as if it were a homicide, and the evidence at some point should point us, or it will point us in the right direction on it," Sheriff Mitchell told WHNT News 19. He added, "That's the reason we need our forensics evidence and everything back in the totality to determine exactly what happened. We'll take our time, whatever time that it takes to get to that point to that we are certain we're getting it right."

Sheriff Mitchell says they have that debt not only to the victim but also to both sides of the family. He says there have been no arrests and wouldn't be until they can determine exactly what happened to cause the death of Mrs. Jones.

Sheriff Mitchell says if their investigation determines the death was in fact a homicide, he will make a statement to that effect.


  • Kim Upton

    How long does it take for the forensic evidence to come back? this man is running free, and the beating she took should be considered along w/the marks from her fingernails being into the quick from fighting. When does this family get to rest???

    • Claire Aiello

      Beth, we checked on this case yesterday. The Sheriff’s Office said there is nothing new in the investigation. They are waiting on ballistics and forensic testing results from the state lab.

    • Kim Upton

      Beth, I am very close to this family and I am very disgusted. It is in the sheriffs hands and they do have enuf evidence to arrest him on suspicion. But they are doing NOTHING!!! Seems as if the FB
      I could be brought in before this man is killed one of the many ppl who loved her so very much. She had problems for years, but no one deserved what was evident that happened to her. I wish I knew who to get in touch w/for the familys sake and especially Angies sake!!!

  • Beth

    Can you ask them when they expect the results? I just think that gun powder residue on someones hands or clothes, is pretty much there for testing. Isn’t it? So why is this man walking among us? Why have they not published his name so we can all beware of him?

    • Kim Upton

      Beth, email me and I can tell you so much more than you would ever want to know, including his name.

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