Bill Allowing Loaded Guns in Vehicles Without Permit Gains Support

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A bill to allow people to carry loaded pistols in their vehicles without having a concealed carry permit from the county sheriff won approval today in the Alabama Senate Judiciary committee.

SB 354 by Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale, now moves to the Senate. It would also have to pass the House, and be signed by the governor to become law.

County Sheriffs have come out in force to show their disapproval of this bill because they say it puts officer safety in jeopardy.


"This is absurd, if this goes through you could have up to four people fully armed in a car without having any prior knowledge of that ahead of time during a traffic stop," Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin told WHNT News 19 Wednesday afternoon.

Last year county sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies worked with state lawmakers on a set of sweeping gun rights laws that passed and are now in place in Alabama.

"We were all at the table last time around to make sure 2nd Amendment rights were being protected but also that people were being kept safe including our officers' safety out on the road," Sheriff Franklin added.

The bill approved last year allowed people to carry a pistol in their vehicles without a permit as long as it was unloaded and locked away out of reach of the driver and passengers.

A permit is required to carry a concealed weapon in Alabama. But state law allows people without a permit to openly carry a holstered or secured gun in public except in businesses and other places where that is prohibited.

"The law in place now is good and adding this to our concealed carry laws is disturbing," Franklin said.

SB 354 would also require a sheriff to issue or renew a permit within two weeks of his or her receipt of an application for a pistol permit.  Current law allows sheriffs to take up to thirty days to issue or renew a permit.

This is not the first time this bill has been proposed. Last year Sen. Beason attempted to get the legislation added on to the rest of the gun law changes but it was knocked off during debate before the rest of the intact bill passed.

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    • plowboysghost

      MMA, “license” is the opposite of “Liberty”. There’s no need to fear trusting your fellow man with freedom, and criminals don’t care one bit what’s the law or a sign says.

      • George

        give up driving your car, if you are a doctor give up your practice. License means you can prove you know how to do something without harming your neighbor.

      • plowboysghost

        George, driving a car is not a Constitutionally protected Natural Right as the Right to the means of self defense. If you are denied the privilege of driving then you get a ride some other way. If you are denied the Right to keep and bear arms by some bureaucrat your safety and your family’s safety are effectively dependent upon others who may not be be either available to help you or inclined to do so.

      • Brutal Truth

        “License means you can prove you know how to do something without harming your neighbor.”

        Only if that were true, every day I see “Licensed” drivers not knowing a dang thing about what their doing.

      • Brutal Truth

        Another thing, I bet Dick Cheney was a “Licensed” Hunter and we all know what happened to the guy he went hunting with.

    • LAC

      MMA, everyone has a license, its called the Constitution and its amendments.
      Funny that Sheriff Franklin says if this law passes you could have four fully armed people in a car with prior knowledge of that during a traffic stop. I would love to know how that is any different that right now???How many other liberty do we need to constrict in the name of “officer safety?” Police Officers enter that line of work knowing its dangerous, I dont see how restricting freedoms of law abiding citizens makes them any safer.

      • David Carroll

        2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

        Where does the ‘well regulated’ part come in when any yahoo and his brother can go around waving a pistol?

      • Robert Slack

        I have to agree any bill that would hinder our right to bear anrms is only written to aid criminals its foolishly stupid to think that these bills will reduce or restrict crimes. This was recently proven very graphically when australia tried the same thing and suddenly thier rate of violent crimes has jumped up by over 30% this is not a made up statistic it was in over 60% of the word news publications just 3 months after they passed the laws what fool made them think it would be any different here.

      • plowboysghost

        David carroll, maybe you should research what “well regulated” meant in 18th Century vernacular to better understand the intent. I’ll give you a hint: It had NOTHING to do with “restrictions”. Common sense would dictate that those who had just fought government tyranny and those who wrote extensively of the Right to throw off such government would immediately turn control of those arms by which they had freed themselves, TO the very entity they feared could tyrannize the people in the future. Do your homework.

    • Tony Shiflett

      You can open carry a pistol, in public, like a uniformed officer, without a permit. Open carry has been legal since Alabama became a state in 1819. You can carry a sword, bayonet, bowie knife, shotgun or rifle in your vehicle without a permit. Since Alabama supports the National Firearms Act of 1934, once you purchase and have the federal paperwork, a sawed-off rifle, sawed-off shotgun, automatic weapons, including belt-fed machine guns can be carried in your vehicles without a permit. You can mount a legally-owned machine gun on the bed of your truck of in your SUV and never need a permit. The ONLY thing this state law applies to is a handgun and that is ludicrous.

    • Robert Slack

      wow you gotta be an idiot or one of the folks collecting money for a permit that in essence robs us of our constitutional right to defend ourselves. this bill is definitely in the best interests of the public in general.

    • Grey Wolf

      you don’t have to have a license to carry in alabama only to carry it in your car or concealed….the law for that was enacted during the civil rights movement to keep Blacks from having a weapon in their car because before we revised the law a Sheriff had the right to refuse a permit based on just not liking someone even if it was just because they did not vote on them…..sorry if you don’t like people carrying in alabama then move because 1903 the state filed open carry legal in the state constitution so that will never be changed as no Municipality can make a law changing that…..

  • plowboysghost

    Sheriff Franklin needs a dictionary. She claims to support our Second Amendment Right in one breath, and then portends to relegate that Right to a privilege. RIGHTS require no approval by anyone other than the person which decides whether or not to exercise that Right. I support ALL our Constitutional Rights, no matter what government “official” objects to losing revenue or control of the citizenry as a result of those freedoms being freely available to We The People.

  • plowboysghost

    If murder is illegal, yet murder happens anyway, then who here is naive enough to think that murderers care one bit what the “law” prohibits? Let the people defend themselves without government interference!

  • MMA

    I carry every day. i am pro 2nd amendment. BUT, when you have any and everyone packing, there will be problems. at least with a “license” some kind of background check has been done. Let’s not open the floodgates on this. Just saying to use common sense.

    • plowboysghost

      I carry every day, as well. What I propose is that the antis quit pretending that anyone who wants to carry a weapon and present a danger DOES SO REGARDLESS of what the law says. There are no “floodgates” to open. No body is advocating allowing criminals to carry or allowing murder to be legalized…..only that the 99.9% of us who peaceably carry for defense not be hindered and/or be rendered “criminals” for merely exercising our Rights without seeking government approval first.

    • LAC

      A background check is done for those that get a license, not those that already carry with no license.

      • plowboysghost

        Time to get in step with reality. Anyone, anywhere, inside the U.S., has access to weapons and has the ability to assault and/or kill others. If you are depending on background checks to keep you safe, you are living in a dream world. ANYONE who is too dangerous to be trusted with the weapons that they WILL have access to, is too dangerous to be free to begin with. Gun background checks ONLY stop honest folks. Murderers don’t care.

      • faye

        I think that has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of !!! How are you supposed to be able to tell if they are good people just protecting their self or trying to hurt someone. I think it’s stupid !!!

    • Brandon Parker

      Common sense would tell you criminals aren’t going to register weapons, or attempt to license themselves to carry. They require a background check for you to purchase your weapons through legal channels. Yet, somehow criminals still have guns. Common sense. Tell me how nobody uses heroine anymore since it’s illegal.. please.

  • plowboysghost

    CORRECTION>: ^^^What i propose is that the antis quit acting like anyone who wants to carry a weapon for nefarious purposes and present a danger DOESN”T do so regardless of what the law says.

  • Kenny Wilhelm

    Sheriff Franklin honestly thinks that 4 armed people who are willing to shoot an officer will actually give a crap whether their pistols are legal or not!!!!??? That officer-in-danger argument doesn’t hold water.. killers don’t care if their gun is legal or not.

  • Brandon Parker

    “This is absurd, if this goes through you could have up to four people fully armed in a car without having any prior knowledge of that ahead of time during a traffic stop,” Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin … Seriously? Seems like I read an old piece of paper once that said, “Shall not be infringed.” I think if you are afraid someone might have a weapon law enforcement might be the wrong career for you.

    I personally think we should do away with carry permits all together. Criminals aren’t going to apply for a weapons permit anyway, so what exactly is the point?

  • Aj none-ya

    Yeah…..if this happens you’ll have more armed criminals. WHAT A JOKE!! This has no bearing to legally carrying citizens. It just the honest people ou….

  • John

    First, I don’t understand why Sheriff Franklin would not already expect up to four people in a vehicle to be carrying firearms. Second, if there is someone who is capable of firing upon an officer of the law during a traffic stop, why would this person need legal basis for carrying this firearm to start with, when they also have no legal basis for firing upon an officer?

  • john sanford

    i think its crazy u make me pay to carry cancealed but anyone can carry it open r in there cars

  • Sean Jackson

    It sounds like the same law we’ve had here in South Carolina for 20 years. We don’t have a higher rate of gun violence here than you do in Alabama. Actually people are a little more “courteous” when driving because they don’t know who’s carrying. The comments I’ve read are based on false arguments created by opinions rather than facts.

  • JH

    Rights don’t require licenses. Do I need a license to exercise my first amendment rights? So why my second amendment rights?

  • Bob

    The opposition from sheriffs is about license revenue and nothing else. Some people open carry but they need a license to have it on their hip in the car. Some people don’t carry but get a license to keep one loaded in the car. If this gets passed into law a lot of people that pay the sheriffs to issue a license won’t need one anymore and that discretionary money the sheriffs get to play with goes down.

  • Austin

    You should have a permit to carry a LOADED pistol in your car. One of the main reasons why this is a law is to prevent Felons from carrying a gun. There is a background check done for this reason.

    • LAC

      Could you please explain how this will keep a felon from breaking the law? Just a guess, but the label placed on them might indicate that they are not afraid to break the law….

    • tim

      @Austin. , If you think felons are not already carrying loaded guns in their cars you are very ignorant. They don’t care about the law. That’s why they are felons..

    • plowboysghost

      Ex-Cons that are too dangerous to be trusted with the weapons that they absolutely have access to REGARDLESS of gun restrictions, are too dangerous to be set free upon society. Infringing on the Rights of the innocent to compensate for a poor judicial system is unforgivable.

  • Red

    The increased rate of accidental discharges will FAR outstrip the number of justified self defense uses. People will die. Lets hope to God that they are the loved ones of the gun fetishists and not the loved ones of those of us who don’t want to live in the old wild west.

  • David Carroll

    Everyone runs to the hilltop to shout about how the 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to bear arms, but they stfu when you ask them about the ‘well regulated militia’ clause that it contains.

    • Chris

      The ‘People’ are not the ‘Well regulated militia’. The second amendment was a response to the people having been occupied by the British military. After the rev war, when it was decided that the new government would have to, for the country’s defense, maintain a ‘Well regulated militia’ which made the PEOPLE nervous so they promised that despite the existence of this standing militia, the People (aka persons NOT in that militia) would always have the right to bear arms. To protect them from the militia. This is what they had just endured and what they were protecting the people from in the future. That is what the 2nd Amendment is about. Not regulating the PEOPLE.

      Regardless of your feeling on handguns, the 2nd amendment means what it means. If you want the constitution to call for regulation of the people’s guns, you need to have the amendment changed, because currently it does no such thing.

  • richard turner

    Does Georgia have a higher police officer mortality rate due to being shot during a traffic stop than Alabama? Georgia considers their cars as part of their castle and do not require their citizens to have a permit to carry a loaded firearm in their cars. Stop the emotional panic and look at the facts and one will determine that this is a good bill that protects the law abiding person without endangering anybody. The police already assumes everyone in the car is armed until they prove otherwise so where is the greater risk? The police will come across the same criminals carrying rather or not the law is passed and law abiding citizen do not shot police.

  • Michael

    I’m not ready to throw my full support of this proposal yet, but it’s hilarious watching the police crap their pants over this. If anything, the government fearing this passing is good. Hey Ana, doesn’t citizen safety come before government safety anyways? Like I’m going to worry about what your ticket revenue generators think if someone is trying to carjack and hurt me. As LAC already said, the 2nd Amendment is our license.

    There was a time when Morgan County deputies were good, courteous, hard-working servants of the public. Since Ana got elected they act like scumbags, break nearly every traffic law even when not en route to a call, and act like Constitutional rights don’t apply here and just get in the way of “doing our job.” If this bill passes I can see her bullies in uniform being a little more respectful of people during traffic stops and DUI checkpoints.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The Bay people will have their firearm in the vehicle regardless so might as well make it legal for the GOOD People to do the same without a CCP/CWP!!!

  • d. green

    How safe do you think you are if a criminal starts approaching your parked car pointing a gun at you. Are you going to say “um hold on I need to get my gun from my glovebox and my bullets from my trunk.” Your second amendment right is for your protection. Protection is completely different from criminal activity. I am for the passage of this law.

  • George

    There is actually no law saying you have to have a permit to carry a pistol . Alabama has no law prohibiting anybody from carrying a pistol on there person .it is in our constitution . All you have to do is look it up.oh by the way I’m pretty sure criminals don’t care what the law is!!!!

    • LAC

      13A-11-73 would beg to disagree with you George. Please know the law before spreading your clueless opinion.

  • keith

    the sheriff’s are not worried about the safety of officers.they’re worried about the money out there pockets. because of majority of people that open carrie will not have to Buy cancel license if the bill go through.

  • tim

    I say BS. ! Sheriffs don’t want to lose that permit money….. All about the money. Saying that an armed law abiding citizen would be a threat during a traffic stop without their paid permit is absurd… Really Sheriff ? I think your full of it……

  • steve

    I think its time for a new sherriff in morgan co ,sheriff franklin does not like this bill because it will cost the sales of pistol permits,hell most of the people on the road now carriers with out a permit. this is yur rigt to bear arms come on people of morgan county lets get a new sherriff.

    • Michael

      I made the mistake of voting for this nut 4 years ago. I’m sorry, and I guarantee I will not repeat the mistake this year.

  • E. J.

    Sheriff Franklin’s comments on this bill are irrelevant and misleading. Officers are trained to presume that the occupants of a vehicle have weapons. Aside from the cost of the permits, the ONLY difference between the current Permit system and the proposed non-Permit system is the ability of an officer to arrest someone for carrying without a permit. This, in turn, translates to money for the “system.” Follow the money . . ..

  • Tim Eugene Newman

    Every state touching Alabama, except Tennessee, allow unlicensed and loaded vehicle carry and have allowed it for YEARS! In fact, 28 states allow it. Twelve states, INCLUDING MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA, ARKANSAS AND MISSOURI allow it WITH NO RESTRICTIONS. Alabama allowed unlicensed vehicle carry until the Montgomery Bus Boycotts of 1955-56. At that time, the Alabama Legislature changed the concealed carry laws to make carrying in a vehicle without a permit illegal. This was done to force the blacks back onto the buses. This clearly racist law is still on the books, and both Democrat AND Republican sheriffs are fighting to keep it in place. They cite “officer safety”, but the real reason was put on record by the spokesperson for the Alabama Sheriff’s Association at the hearing for this bill. The bottom line is MONEY. They are afraid they will lose substantial amounts of money by allowing this to pass. The truth is, a permit is still needed to carry concealed and it is still required to go to those states that honor Alabama permits. This has ZERO to do with reducing crime! Since criminals don’t follow laws anyway, how exactly is it making deputies any less safe by allowing unlicensed, loaded vehicle carry?

    It is worth stating that the Sheriff of Jefferson County, Mike Hale, went on a local radio station last week IN SUPPORT of this bill. So, not ALL sheriffs are against it. Just the ones who are against the 2nd Amendment! It is also worth stating that every county in this state pay thousands of dollars to the Alabama Sheriff’s Association, a private organization, in direct violation of Section 94 of the Alabama Constitution. That section states that no public monies shall be paid to any private organization. If these sheriffs want to belong to this organization, they should pay it out of their own pockets.

    • Heath Plunkett

      It is also worth noting that at the committee hearing last week, a representative from the Alabama Sheriffs Association stood up and admitted that this was entirely about permit revenues. Officer safety was not mentioned, but they sure went on and on about how they use this permit money to buy stuff in the departments.

      That’s right, they use pistol permit money as a fundraiser just like girl scouts sell cookies, except they don’t throw you in jail if you decide not to buy a box of tag-a-longs.

      The other officer who spoke was a Madison County deputy who gave an anecdote about how they caught a bad guy because he had a pistol in his car and no permit. Again, officer safety was never mentioned and if they found a pistol in his car that means they already had enough suspicion to conduct a search, and likely would have made an arrest without his pistol permit. It also goes to prove that the criminals are already carrying with out a permit.

      So understand when Law Enforcement opposes something like this it is for two reasons: Money and “making their job easier”.

      I’m 100% pro-Law Enforcement, but they need to be 100% pro-rights as well.

  • d. green

    Forcing me to buy a permit to “hide” the gun doesnt make sense. If i can just carry my gun hidden or open which is my constitutional right anyway then i am better protected and so are the police. just adjust your law to have the citizen advise of carrying. if a criminal doesnt advise of carrying then arrest him/her. leaving a society with no way to protect themselves when police forces are cutting back and dont have enough officers per capita anyway is stupid. Police need to realize that working with good citizens makes their job easier.

  • Rocky Marciano

    I seen on the news where they were talking about having a loaded gun in your vehicle, they were saying that u couldn’t cause your car is not personal property like your house. I’ve got news for you people that do drugs which i don’t I;m just saying the ones that do. If u get stopped with drugs or alcohol in your car then u say its not mine since this car is not my personal property and fight it in court cause they can’t double standard it. If they say your driving the car so its yours, well if they want to say that then u can have a loaded weapon in your car cause its your personal property. I’ve seen on the news as well as everyone else, you can be stopped and it may not be a cop. how are you to defend yourself. Tell him or them wait let me get my gun and load it so i can defend myself. They are so stupid about this. There is no use having a gun in your car if its out of your reach and unloaded. You might as well leave it at home and get beat to death or worse, killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tim

    “We were all at the table last time
    around to make sure 2nd
    Amendment rights were being
    protected but also that people were
    being kept safe including our
    officers’ safety out on the road,”
    Sheriff Franklin added.

    Translation / last time around the Sheriffs threw a fit when they thought permit money was going to take a hit. After law makers agreed to change the bill so the Sheriffs permit money would not be impacted they all agreed we could keep our 2nd Ammendment rights. Franklin you are pathetic…

  • Adam

    Criminals don’t care about permits or laws they carry when they want. People who obey laws should be able to protect themselves against criminals. Police are rarely around when needed. I say pass the law and alloy us law abiding people protect ourselves without having to get a permit for every little thing we do.

  • Ron Champion

    Permits accomplish absolutely nothing. Criminals dont bother with permits, that is why they are called criminals, they dont care what the law is. Permits are just another hassle and tax for law abiding citizens.

    • Robert Slack

      agreed any sheriff who would oppose this has absolutely no concern for those who they are supposed to protect they only care about their own pocket books and as a result should have never been allowed into office in the first place.

  • Robert Slack

    we as registered voters need to look more closely at the stand of those who we vote into office so in part we bear some responsibility, but if the lie about their beliefs we should do all we can to see they are removed fromm public office as these are not the people we can trust to protect either our rights or our safety.

  • Rocky Marciano

    That also goes with Obama and Michael Bloomberg the gun hating billionaire thats trying to do away with our 2nd admendment. Obama shouldn be impeached when trying to change any of our admendments. NOW VOTE ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lowell

    The love of money… even to the point of infringing on the 2nd. Shame Alabama, shame. I asked my local sheriff if I could carry to the gun range to teach my kids to shoot without buying a license and he said “yes” all I had to do was buy a two lock boxes (one for ammo, one for gun), and bolt those boxes down so they didn’t move and then and only then could I drive 7 blocks to shoot at the gun range. Then he added, or I could just buy a permit with a smile.

    I hope this bill passes so bad.

  • Bill

    In Texas your vehicle is considered an extension of your home. I assume that is what is going on in this debate.

  • d. green

    Let me get this right. The cops have a right to carry a gun to protect themselves but we don’t? Sounds like discrimination to me. I also like the point someone made about us having to have a permit for every little thing we do. We’re already being taxed to death as it is. I commend Senator Beason.

  • d. green

    Thank you Senator Beason. Thank you for not only protecting our rights but enabling us to exercising them. Good people have a right to protect themselves. As for those of you who do not vote for our rights and our protections – be prepared to be voted out.

  • Paul

    News flash. Criminals are already carrying loaded weapons in cars and likely don’t have a permit.

    What this would do is allow those law-abiding citizens to carry in their car for protection from said criminals already packing. It may have criminals thinking twice about assaulting people as they get in or out of their cars or attempting a car jacking since they may not know if the person they’re attacking is carrying… think about that.

    If the criminals are carrying, and they know law abiding citizens (with the exception of concealed carry permit holders) are not carrying, they can be pretty bold in their attacks. If they have to wonder if Betty, John, Manny, Moe, or Susie are carrying in their car, they may just find a different target.

    My only concern is Joe Sixpack getting drunk or losing his cool and letting emotion take over when it shouldn’t. As a permit holder, you have to learn to let things slide, for if you escalate it and the firearm is used, YOU are the one in a heap of trouble. Carrying tends to make you settle down a bit, once you realize the consequences for not doing so. I’m not so sure those without the training or knowledge would realize that.

    Now having said that, I’m all for letting people carry. But if you work on the arsenal, you STILL cannot have it in your car… and THAT alone will screw over a good percentage of the people in HSV/Madison.

      • plowboysghost

        Dropping the requirement for a permit removes the penalties for the 99.7% of us who AREN”T criminals. It would also prevent us from being MADE INTO criminals though we are merely peacably exercising our God-given , Constitutionall protected Rights.

    • Wake Up

      Paul, in Alabama you do not have to show any intelligence or skill to get a canceled carry permit. You just have to have go to the sheriff’s office and pay a few dollars!

      • Kenneth Peters

        Yes it may not pertain to intelligence to acquire a conceal to carry but you have to have a legit reason and pass a thorough background check.

  • Skillpot

    Damn, another bad issue, where there is about a 50-50 split! WAKE UP ALABAMA LEGISLATURE!

    I support Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin!

  • Ashley

    This is just crazy.. If they end up passing this and this becomes a law. Smh they may as well just not worry about running to emergency calls. This can be good but I think its gonna be more bad then good.. And they are trying to make this a law but won’t think twice about legalizing (weed)… It don’t kill anybody.. Shoot why not make it legal for none license drivers able to drive.. I will never understand..

    • Blake

      Ashley, you might want to delete that post. A gun never killed anyone. You can sit in front of a loaded gun all day, and that gun will not hurt you. It is the operator of the gun you have to worry about. Weed never hurt no one. So then what about one inmate in the Alabama prison system, that killed a young boy by driving while under the influence of a controlled substance. That controlled substance was weed. Sorry, but if you don’t have a better argument, then you might just want to keep your post to yourself.

  • Blake

    I dispatched for two city departments, and I don’t know one officer in those city departments that oppose this bill. Sheriff’s oppose this bill because it would cut into the money they get off of permits. Did you know that it says in the Code of Alabama 1975 that permits for conceal carry is only suppose to be a $1, but where can someone no matter age can get a permit for $1. That is the only reason why the Sheriff Association is against it. Those of you who are against it, look at it this way, you are sitting at a redlight and a man walks up opens the door to your car and forces you over. He has a gun, do you think that you would like to have a gun in your car so that you can maybe deter him? I would.

    • Wake Up

      “Maybe” is not fact. Maybe when you reach for your gun that bad guy will just shot you since he has his gun on you first. People seem to think that if you have a gun on you that means that you will always win. Maybe!

      • Anthony

        @Wake Up I would rather have a weapon in my car or home and not need it, than NOT have a weapon in my car than need it… Besides it’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six…

    • David Carroll

      Your scenario has no basis in reality. If someone has the drop on you in the way you describe, trying for your gun will make it much more likely you will get shot.

  • plowboysghost

    Statistically, you have a much greater chance of surviving an assault if you are armed. There’s no “maybe” to it. Nothing is certain unless you are locked away in a solitary cell where no one can harm you. I’d prefer freedom and the freedom to defend myself.

    • Wake Up

      Plowboysghost, I would be interested in seeing your “proof.” Cases where things go bad are listed statistically as homicides, not failed self defense. What are you using as your cases where guns did not help?

      • plowboysghost

        Do your own homework and wake up. It’s not my job to hold your hand and show you how wrong you are. The DOJ and the CDC conducted ONE major study last year concerning “gun” violence….which undermined the Left’s position and that’s exactly why the White House buried them, even after Obama ordered the CDC study.

  • olepossface

    “This is absurd, if this goes through you could have up to four people fully armed in a car without having any prior knowledge of that ahead of time during a traffic stop,” Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin told WHNT News 19 Wednesday afternoon.

    As opposed to that not being a possibility with the current law?

  • Neil English

    This is beyond stupid. If a persons has issues that prevent them from getting a permit from the local sheriff, who probably is familiar with them, why bypass that and turn them loose in public? That is not like having an unloaded weapon in the trunk, that is a recipe for murder.

    • Robert Slack

      Neil that was the dumbest statement ive read here yet not only will the refusal to pass this be a direct stab at our right to defend ourselves it will make it easier for criminally stupid people such as yourself to abuse others at their convenience with less risk of repurcussions

  • plowboysghost

    What clown thinks that someone bent on violence cares what the “law” prohibits? The same folks who have been brainwashed to think that the mere presence of firearms CAUSES or contributes to violence and murder…..though guns are used MANY more times for defensive purposes than for criminal purposes. Who wants the citizenry disarmed and rendered helpless? Criminals….both government criminals and private criminals. The fact is that the Right of self defense is the oldest Natural Right, which pre-dates ALL government and every Sheriff and politician. Government has only what power that We The People delegate to them, and we cannot delegate a power that we do not first possess. We need only withdraw consent and assert our Rights.

  • Mark For Sheriff

    Not only is it your right to keep and bear arm. It is your responsibility to protect you family. If the dept. is smart enough they can offset the minimal amount of funds lost from this, by implementing a program such as I want to do. We can open up the firing range to the public and charge a daily user fee. We can hire a part time certified instructor to give firearm lessons to new shooters. We can offer self defense instructions. The list goes on and on. The people will still be buying permits to carry concealed. 99% of the permit holders are buying permits so they can CONCEALE CARRY, not just to have in their vehicles. They also buy them so they can carry out of state, like I do when I travel to Kentucky to visit my parents. The Alabama Sheriff’s Association is arguing a mute point with shallow facts.

    • tim

      @Mark, Agree…. most people will still purchase CCP because they want to conceal carry. The Sheriffs in this State do not know what uphold and defend mean.. Any Sheriff that would sell out the people’s 2nd ammendment rights for some spending money should not be in office period…. Sheriffs are more powerful than most realize and the peoples last line of defense against a tyrannical government.

  • tim

    Sheriff Franklin should focus on getting her deputies to obey traffic laws. Have observed many of them driving like idiots.

  • jamison jones

    i disagree with this gun debate. This society is full of punks, who for no other reason, carry a gun to enhance their already flawed manhood. Back in the day, we resolved problems, we talked about issues and came to peaceful conclusions. These days, we have drug addicts at every level carrying guns! i mean, pill heads, meth heads, potheads, crack heads, you name it. What it basically does, is that it increases their paranoia about everything! They get all deluded thinking that they can save their girlfriends, families and what not with a pull of the trigger! i support good guys having guns but to make it fundamentally a right, which it is, is something this country lives to regret everyday..

  • jamison jones

    WHy on earth would you allow these emotionally dysfunctional people to have guns, even by virtue of the 2nd amendment? Thats why this country is what it is now. school shootings everywhere, work place violence,…………..

    • Robert Slack

      Jamison youre an idiot the reason the country is the way it is today because of the idiots we have been putting in office lately we as voters need to be more careful who we are putting into office.


    I’ve been a law enforcement officer for plenty of years. The idea of having to pay for to exercise your 2nd amendment makes as about as much sense as buying a permit to plead the 5th or to buy a 1st amendment permit or to buy a 4th amendment permit.

    SHE SHOULD BE VOTED OUT FOR THIS ISSUE ALONE! Not to mention she took deputies off the road to put into narcotics so if you need a deputy in the middle of the night they”re probably on the opposite side of the county BECAUSE THEY ARE SHORT HANDED ABOUT EVERY NIGHT!


    • rob

      Ty John I fully agree I was never in. Law enforcement but I served in the military for 13 years till I was injured in combat. I hate to see people like her trying to take away the right that so many like me fought and even died to protect.

  • Andy

    If someone is a criminal, they’re not going to get a permit to carry anyway. So this bill isn’t going to put officers lives at risk. I hope this passes

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