4 Huntsville City Employees Arrested on Drug Charges

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Four City of Huntsville employees have been placed on paid administrative leave after being arrested last week on drug charges.

“Supervisors had noticed behavior and things that caused them to be suspicious and actually directed police investigations based on the things they had heard,” reports City Administrator John Hamilton.

Hamilton says Huntsville police witnessed two employees from the same department sell a small number of prescription pain pills to two other city workers from a separate department.

He says the drug buy took place on the employees’ lunch break away from city property.

“We made arrests of both of those individuals for distribution and because the police officers actually observed the buy they were able to also arrest two other individuals for possession,” Hamilton says.

All 4 workers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending court proceedings.

“Then we also have administrative processes that are ongoing now related to their employment,” according to Hamilton.

Hamilton says any level of employee intoxication never put any citizens in danger because the employees do not work in a department where public safety could have been compromised.

The alleged sellers are charged with felony distribution of a Schedule 3 controlled substance; the buyers were charged with possession of a controlled substance, also a felony.

Huntsville police are not releasing the names of the employees or the departments they work for.
John Hamilton says there are in fact certain city positions where drug testing is done on a regular basis.
If the employees charged disagree with the recommended punishment, they have an initial right of appeal to the city personnel committee.

As a last resort, they can request a personnel hearing with the Huntsville City Council.


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