Speeders Worry Huntsville Neighbors

The hill on Wells Avenue in Huntsville is steep, but you can drive it at the prescribed 30-mile an hour speed limit.  The problem is, a lot of drivers don’t “The speed limit is 30-miles an hour, but they’re doing at least 50 or 60. It’s a neighborhood! We’re not 565,” says neighbor Jonathan Fowler.

Jonathan lives in the middle of the Wells Avenue Hill, and worries a lot about how people drive it.  “There’s a three-way stop sign. They’ll just fly on through that stop sign, and I get nervous out there. A lot of kids like to ride bikes, run, walk. Just kind of nervous somebody is going to get hit,” says Jonathan. The stop sign Jonathan mentions is at the bottom of the hill, and multiple neighbors say drivers run it on a regular basis.

The speeding problem is worst on Wells during rush hours, but when WHNT News 19 visited the hill at mid-morning, we were able to use a radar gun and easily catch several drivers going too fast. Jonathan Fowler has tried to slow speeders down by yelling at them, or even using hand motions. “They’ll slow down. They’ll roll down the window, and give me the middle finger, the number one. At least they’re slowing down for that,” says Jonathan.

Mr. Fowler doesn’t know exactly what needs to be done to slow down the speeders, but he does believe “something” needs to be done.

We’re taking action and making sure city officials are aware of his concerns, and the speeding on the Wells Avenue hill.


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