Small Business Talks Sales Tax Increase: “It’ll be alright.”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Residents in the city of Huntsville are getting ready for a new sales tax increase. A one-cent sales tax hike goes into effect March 1.

Lewter's Hardware Store is thankful it's just a one cent increase. The family-owned business has been serving Huntsville since 1929. They remember the last tax hike that happened in the city more than twenty years ago.

"Nobody likes to pay an extra tax but it'll be alright," said Donald Lewter, the owner of the store.

Lewter has turned over the business to his sons, but he told WHNT News 19 that he doesn't expect the change to hurt his family's hardware store. "If you were gonna go out and buy something today that costs 5, 6 thousand dollars you might consider the fact buy today instead of tomorrow," said Lewter. "But I don't think with the majority of the stuff we sell it will make much difference."

The store has maintained a loyal customer base after decades of business. That's probably a reason it won't impact them too much. "Our customers are local anyway and they're not gonna worry about it, drive to Fayetteville or anywhere else for a lower sales tax."

Lewter remembers when the city increased the sales tax in 1989. He said it's just the price you pay for progress. "It's one of those things, its the cost of doing business and living in a progressive town and we are."

The grass is always greener on the other side, but in this case, Lewter said we're already in the greenest pasture.  "We live in the garden spot of the world quite frankly, North Alabama, anytime you go off and come back you realize how much better off we are than most anyplace on the planet."


  • Pat

    My only problem with the tax hike is that it has NO expiration date. Remember the incinerator WE bought for the landfill that we were supposed to get our money back from? Remember them ramming through doubling the cost of garbage collection for twice a week pickup and then reverting back to once a week while we are STILL paying for twice a week service? HELLO??????

  • Skillpot

    Okay, tell me, has this 1-cent been earmarked into a special account, for the purpose intended, with proper controls on its use?

  • Tim

    It is known as the “Battle Tax” just more money to line the pockets of local politicians. I sure hope someone decent will run for mayor against Battle, and take our city back

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